’90 Day Fiance’ Watch Teaser For Season 4 & Get To Know The New Cast!

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'90 Day Fiance' Watch Teaser for New Season

A new season of 90 Day Fiance is set to launch—the show where the lovelorn collide on an international stage. Bank accounts, American dreams and green cards all play into a 90 day decision to either wed, or call the whole deal off. TLC introduced us to four new couples in a sneak preview episode, before things really get hopping when the series returns, in two weeks.

Nicole and Azan

Nicole 22, is from Bradenton FL, and has 2-year old daughter named May. Nicole met May’s dad on internet, moved to Texas to be with him, got pregnant, then dumped, which led her back home. Nicole found internet dating more difficult with a child, until Azan entered her story. Azan is from Morocco, and Nicole describes him as “tall, dark and handsome.” Nicole didn’t even know where Morocco was, and has never met Azan in person—but the couple began discussing marriage only 3 wks into their internet canoodling. Azan pulled out all the stops, and adorned his marriage proposal message with little ring emoji…which swept Nicole off her feet. A K-1 visa requires an in-person meeting, so Nicole is set to travel to Morocco, to meet her true love face-to-face. 

We later sit in on a Facetime convo, and watch Azan give a half-hearted greeting to May. Nicole is leaving May behind with her sister, and is worried about the separation. Nicole is ready to risk anxiety for true love, but Azan’s eyes dart around, and is slow with a reciprocal “I love you.” We later join Nicole having dinner with her family, who all have serious doubts about the romance, and her trip to Africa. Her brood is worried about the dangers of traveling in a danger zone, and Nicole’s cultural ignorance. Nicole’s mom believes that common sense has gone out the window for love, and there is an odd disconnect in the love story. She also delicately expresses suspicions about why a looker like Azan would want a chunker like her daughter.

Chantel and Pedro

Chantel is 25, and is from Atlanta Ga. She teaches cheer, lives at home with family, and studies nursing at a community college. Chantel met Pedro when a friend introduced them, with the goal to learn each other’s language. Pedro is from the Dominican Republic, and Chantel visited him, after the  sparks flew from a distance. He popped the question on the third trip.   Chantel comes across as entitled brat, and complains that American men don’t treat her properly. Chantel thinks that Pedro is super-hot, and treats her like a princess. He is set to arrive in Atlanta in a few days. The couple plans to live together, but her parents have no idea that they are engaged.

Later in the show, Chantel is busy setting up their love nest, preparing for Pedro’s arrival. Her mom, Karen, is overjoyed that they are losing the brat, but isn’t thrilled about Pedro yanking her focus away from school. Karen wants Chantel to concentrate on her studies, and Chantel reacts snottily, unappreciative of the bossy pep talk. Karen doesn’t buy that the couple has that much in common, and hopes that Pedro isn’t a deadbeat who is out to use her naive daughter. Chantel busies herself with staging their new one room home for a romantic homecoming. She takes pride in looking her best, so she breaks out her sluttiest outfit. Pedro never lets Chantel down, except when it comes to catching his flight. Chantel drives to the airport, but Pedro is a no-show, happily stuck in Florida. Chantel is dramatically crushed, and calls the letdown the  loneliest night of her life. Pedro is joyously in America, and says adios until tomorrow…maybe. Chantel is worried that she has created a fantasy, and is living in a dream—indeed a valid concern.

Jorge and Anfisa

Jorge is 26, and from LA. Jorge is an entrepreneur involved in the medical marijuana industry. He designed innovative packaging for the product, and earns six figures. He is primed to potentially earn millions, when marijuana is legalized for recreational use in California. Jorge’s past relationships have been terrible, and he is anti-feminist. Anfisa is 20, and from Moscow Russia. Jorge fell in love with her Kim K. wannabe photos on social media. Jorge pursued her until she finally responded, when he waved a wad of hundreds at the computer. They later met in Spain, and Jorge thought he hit the curvy jackpot. Anfisa’s photos reek of someone trying to hit it big as a social media tramp. People wonder why someone so photo-gorge wants Jorge—until they remember his bank account. Jorge loves Anfisa and Anfisa loves the camera, and bags of cash.

The couple often argues, but Jorge is still excited to fetch Anfisa from Russia. They are currently at odds, because Anfisa is demanding a $10k Chanel purse, and is having a hissy fit at Jorge’s refusal. Jorge buys her a $400 bracelet to shut her up, while explaining that he has bought her tons of crap already, racking up a bill of about $70k. As a sidebar, Jorge has some big secret, and is worried about disclosing the dirt. We watch him meet with his sister and his niece, who express shock at the engagement. Her niece thinks Anfisa’s Facebook pics look fake—aka Jorge’s idea of gorgeous. His sister doubts Anfisa’s intentions, and smells a gold digging rat. Jorge spills about the purse tantrum, which his family labels an obvious red flag. His sister says it—and calls her bro a serial sugar daddy. Jorge decides to camp in a hotel by the airport, to be ready for his flight to Russia.  Anfisa is still balking over the purse, and when Jorge calls her, she deletes the contents of his phone, and shuts him out of his email. Jorge had given her his passwords, and this story veers into crazy—and we haven’t even met the bunny boiler yet. 

Matt and Alla

Matt is 43, from Williamstown Kentucky, and runs a family-owned car dealership. Matt labels himself “unlucky in love” and has a history of jumping into relationships. Matt has been married three times and was cheated on twice. Matt claims that the local gals are uninterested in him, because he has baggage—packed full of disturbing desperation. Matt notes that his “best option” is a wife shipped in from eastern Europe. Enter Alla, who is 30 and from Kiev, Ukraine. The couple met on a dating website, and she has a son, 7-year-old Max. Matt went to Kiev, spent a week, and was hooked. After a bonus trip to Rome, Matt proposed. Alla is set to begin her 90 day adventure the very next day. Matt is excited to be Max’s dad, but is concerned about his adjustment, and Alla’s entry into country life. Later, Matt stands around with his family/co-workers, who all wonder how this girl will be different than all the others. A few are supportive, but one of his friends, Patrick, is sick of picking up the pieces, when Matt gets dumped. One of his brothers shows off for the camera, and toasts to a new round of idiocy. Patrick refuses to play along with Matt’s dumb plan, and storms away from the love cheerleaders. Matt is sad, but knows that #4’s the charm.

Watch a preview of the new season above and tune in Sunday, September 11, as 90 Day Fiance takes off. Follow our coverage of the awkward, and often shady love affairs.   


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