Bethenny Frankel Goes Postal At ‘RHONY’ Reunion After Luann Exposes Her For Sleeping With Married Men

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Bethenny Frankel Goes Postal At 'RHONY' Reunion After Luann Exposes Her For Sleeping With Married Men

Bethenny Frankel may believe that exposing Luann de Lesseps’ cheating fiancé made her the truth-champion of Season 8, but it appears that Luann stole that title, during The Real Housewives of New York reunion taping.

Luann told Entertainment Tonight that she found sweet redemption during the explosive post season sit-down, after being ripped by Bethenny all season.

“You get to really tell your side of the story,” Luann said, commenting on the reunion experience. “I personally like it because there’s redemption. There’s starting over.”

Previews of the reunion point to Luann nailing Bethenny as a raging hypocrite — particularly regarding her deceitful stance on dating married men. Bethenny described her reaction as unhinged, on her radio show, B Real With Bethenny.

“Something happens at the reunion for me that is a gigantic lie — and I am so flabbergasted and dumbfounded by it, because I thought there was some sort of basic principles that you don’t just make up something out of nothing,” Bethenny said. “You have never, ever in the history of the Housewives that I’ve been on, seen me go so insane.”

Bethenny revealed that she later accused Andy Cohen of being “desensitized” to Housewives tomfoolery — with the exception of her own vile antics, of course. 

Bethenny and sidekick, Carole Radziwill, addressed the reunion fireworks  like they were in the past — but Bethenny is clearly not over the drama. Bethenny began her show by assuring listeners of her hope that Tom will make Luann happy — but later lost it, and unleashed on the Countess.

Bethenny giggled a little too hysterically as she read excerpts from Luann’s book, with her guest, Jake Spitz.

“Twelve things elegant people are never seen doing,” Bethenny reads in her best Countess voice. “‘One — exposing the sole of a shoe, when crossing legs for all to see.’ Two—fu*king a pirate—oh sorry that was another book….Two — ‘yawning..try to stifle yawn whenever possible’…Three — getting finger fu*ked on the dance floor….oh sorry, that’s a different book. Three—chewing gum to keep your mouth fresh, carry mints…Four — giving blow jobs in the bathroom.” Bethenny adds, “‘Losing their temper — take three deep breaths.’ I will give her that — she has not lost her temper — or her strap-on.”

Bethenny Frankel’s vicious hysterics said it all. The cool as a cucumber Countess cracked the Skinnygirl’s shell, and went for the jugular. The first installment of the RHONY explodes on August 31st.


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