Ramona Singer Is ‘Happy’ To Be Bethenny’s Friend & Cosigns Exposing Luann’s Cheating Fiancé!

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Ramona Singer loved this past season of The Real Housewives of New York. Maybe because she wasn’t in the hot seat for once?

“Friendships, arguments, ups and downs, this season was very empowering for me.  The last two episodes were very emotional on everyone… Watching it unfold again brings back so many things.”

Though she had her moments with Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps, Ramona has nothing but love.

“Seeing everything after living it and being able to actually think and listen gives me lots of time to reflect. I truly, truly love these women. They may not always think so, but I do.”

This year, we saw fractures in Ramona’s tight friendship with Sonja. Instead, she aligned with Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill. She definitely knows where her bread is buttered.

“I never knew I could grow so close to Bethenny and Carole… I love that Bethenny, through her tough-as-nails personality, really has a huge heart. She feels, she hurts and she cares. Carole is just so easy to be with and kind-hearted and so sweet. I am so happy to have become close to both of them.”

On the finale, Ramona congratulated Bethenny for telling Luann the truth about Tom. And while she may not agree with Luann for sticking by Tom’s side:

“We all don’t always agree how we do things. We all may see things very different as is the case with Luann, but there is no one in our group that is out to hurt anyone directly… No one really knows what they would do if they were in the other persons’ shoes, right?”

Luann tried to gloss over the incident, but her public humiliation at the hands of her fiancé was painful to watch. Ramona can empathize—as much as she’s capable—because she went through a similar situation.

“We all signed up to be on a reality show, and sometimes things get exposed that we wish didn’t. If you chose to be in the public eye, then the public sees and hears what they want.”

For now, Ramona is dating around, but being very careful.

“I am sticking to what I said: I am cautious about who I date, and I try to get to know someone first. As they say, it takes a long time to get to know someone!”

I hope she finds her prince. So, what did you think of the finale? Did Luann do the right thing by taking Tom back or is this relationship doomed?


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