Luann de Lesseps Hints To Quitting ‘RHONY’ After Explosive Fiancé Cheating Scandal

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Luann de Lesseps Hints To Quitting 'RHONY' After Explosive Fiancé Cheating Scandal

Luann de Lesseps is standing by her man. No matter what. On the Real Housewives of New York, the girls’ trip screeched to a halt when Bethenny Frankel finally told Luann that Tom was seen tongue-wrestling another woman. So, what’s a Countess to do?

“If you can’t forgive someone you love, then who can you forgive?”

Naturally, Luann blames Bethenny.

“I was very hurt when Bethenny shared with me, after showing the other girls, the photo of Tom at the Regency. It took me some time to pull myself together after the initial shock. My gut reaction was to think about how this looked to my friends and family, and it wasn’t until I had time to think that I began to understand what I was feeling.”

Um…betrayal and humiliation? I think we can all agree Bethenny behaved badly — in fact, I’d say she got off being the center of attention which was disgusting. However, do you really think Luann would have handled things differently if Bethenny had told her in private? This is the same woman who accepted an open marriage in order to keep her Count. Luann and reality don’t always see eye to eye.

“After I found out about what Tom had done, I had to dig deep within myself to find the love to forgive, but I did. I forgave him shortly after reuniting back in New York. Was it easy? No way. Am I glad I did? Absolutely.”

Their current status?

“We are still engaged and are finalizing our New Year’s Eve wedding plans. He’s a good man and we love each other. We will stand the test of time regardless of what those women try to do to ruin our happiness.”

I don’t think the women are the ones she needs to blame. It’s easy to shoot the messenger — especially in this case because Bethenny made this situation worse — but Tom is the one who cheated. Still, Luann is marching forward with her plans.

“I’m optimistic about my future, and I know that regardless of what happens in life, Tom and I will always love each other. So if you take anything away from this season, it’s not the problems that arise in our relationships, it’s how we deal with them when they arise that defines us.”

So, what’s your take? Should Luann have forgiven Tom? Should she be angry with Bethenny for the message, the delivery, or both?


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