‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Who Won HoH & Jury Battle Back [Episode 31]

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'Big Brother 18' Recap: Who Won HoH & Jury Battle Back [Episode 31]

After a week of a week full of ups and downs for the houseguests, It’s all come down to this. Goatboy Corey vs. Casanova Victor. But Wait! The fun is just beginning because the current jurors along with tonight’s evicted houseguest will get a chance to re-enter the game.

The current nominees have to convince James they can benefit his game. BUT James has based his game on hiding, floating and generally letting other people making the big decisions so this has to be a hard choice right?

James does a quick check in with Corey because they haven’t seen eachother in like 5 minutes. Thanks for brushing your hair Nicole. I was starting to look for birds up in that ratnest. The only thing the 2 showmances can agree on is they don’t want Paul winning the next HOH.

Paul’s inside all paranoid because the 2 showmances are hanging out in the backyard. Victor smacks him around and says stop that! If James is working with them (Paul/Victor) why are they ” kumbyahying” in the backyard? I love how editing makes it look like Corey has more going on upstairs than “Me Tarzan. You sleep in my bed. I hump you.” Victor and Paul want to break up this little showmance powwow. Victor goes into the backyard to conveniently throw his  clothes into the dryer. When the convo stops, they have all the confirmation they need. Victor promises not to go down without a fight.

It’s “friendship time” for Victor and Paul. They need to put their heads together and figure out a plan that may save Victor. They come up with some elaborate plan that goes something like Victor goes upstairs to hang out with the Nat/James/Michelle gang while Paul hangs out with tweedle dee and tweedle dumbass. Paul coaches Victor on what to say.  Victor goes up into the HOH and starts talking smack about Paul making it look like they had some kind of fallout. Now he’s willing and ready to put his buddy on the block. It’s a staged fight that may or may not save Victor.

The Oscar goes to…Victor. He wonders up to the HOH Suite where, of course, they notice all the time Paul’s spending with Corey/Nicole. Paranoia is a bad thing in the BB house. Victor totally acts betrayed. Is he turning on his friendship? They talk about how Paul hasn’t campaigned at all for Victor. Now he’s spending a bunch of time with Corey/Nicole. Oh how fishy. He brings it home by promising he would totally throw Paul on the block. They couldn’t be falling for this right?

One of the most anticipated jury segments is here. Paulie’s entry into the jury house where the three girls he screwed over (including his showmance Zakiyah) are waiting. According to Da’vonne the girls are getting along fantastic! Bridgette is making some tofu crap but Da’vonne just wants chicken. Can’t blame you there girl.

They talk about who’s running the house. Bridgette says Paul. She’s so proud of herself for blowing Paulie’s game to smithereens. Bridgette’s salivating to let Paulie know how she really feels. You know when I said the jury house is like a shark tank for Paulie? Yep, I was right. It’s like waiting for their next snack. When he walks in, Da’vonne and Bridgette celebrate but Zakiyah has no reaction. The girls are over the moon Paulie’s chance to win 500k are over. Paulie pops in the DVD. Da’vonne says Paulie needs some pepper to go with that salt! You enjoying this jury segment? I know I am. Paulie exchanges a few jabs. He insults Bridgette for being a feminist. I love the less giggly outspoken Bridgette. Zakiyah finally speaks up and the BB Fandom cheers! Paulie’s a douche inside and outside the game. End. Of. Story.

The please save me speeches are less “save me” and more “I know something you don’t know.” Corey and Victor are both so sure James is voting to keep them. James bitched out. He kept goatboy. WAH WAH WAHHH..and his AFP  award goes flying out the window. Vote for Paul!  

For a second time Victor gets a chenbot grilling. He says he thinks James voted to evict him because he was the stronger competitor. He also says he stayed longer because he stuck with Paul and let (Paul) him be the brains. Victor was the brawn. Meaning he sat around and looked pretty. His resentment makes him want James to be the next evictee. He wants Paul to stick around the house for a while. But the way the house has blown up over the last week, he has a tough road ahead. He’s happy he got a second chance. No regrets. He’s overjoyed and a bit cocky when he finds out he may have a third chance to win the half mil.

Let’s check back in at the jury house and find out if Paulie’s learning to be less douchey. Da’vonne narrates for us. All hell broke loose when he joined the girls but he’s gotten in touch with his feminine side and bonded with the girls a bit. Zakiyah and Paulie are steering clear of eachother. Paulie’s learning to respect Zakiyah’s resentment. They’re excited when they found out they’re getting a second chance to rejoin the game. True to himself, Paulie’s all douchey about it.

Julie calls the houseguests to the living room. She announces the jury will be battling alongside them in the next HOH comp. They aren’t surprised at all. A little DR birdy maybe? Ding Dong! A family reunion with fake hugs and everything!

Tonight’s HOH is a basic endurance comp. “Welcome to Lochmess” aka Nicole’s hair. They stand on a platform while BB throws water, garbage etc at them. Last person standing wins HOH. Last juror standing re-enters the BB house!

Find out which juror won a second (or third) chance AND who won HOH. Curious? Can’t wait? Buy the live feeds on CBS.com! (Or check out my Twitter. I usually post spoilers.)

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