Meghan Edmonds’ Lonely IVF Journey Rages On – Husband Jim Still a No-Show!

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Real Housewives of Orange County’s Meghan Edmonds loved getting knocked up. And if her hubs, Jim, wasn’t in the room or even the same state, so what, right?

“I loved getting preggers! It was one of my happiest days so far! I was so grateful that my mom was there with me. How many people get to say that their mom was there when they got pregnant?!”

Um…hopefully none. But at least Jim answered when she called from the hospital. What a giver.

“…my FaceTime with Jimmy was really special because even though he wasn’t able to be there in person, I’m glad he was able to be included in the moment.”

Meghan gives us the rundown of her IVF treatment…whether we want her to or not. We will follow her on this journey, people!

“…after 34 follicles, 17 eggs retrieved, 12 fertilized, and eight made it to day five, only four were normal. I never thought a fertile couple could only end up with four out of all that. We transferred the strongest girl and the only boy. The girl was given a 90% chance of implanting and the boy was given a 65% chance.”

When Kelly Dodd arrived at Meghan’s house, Meghan gave her a heaping helping of tough love.

“I think that Kelly really seems to want to improve and I truly believe that she felt bad about how she acted at the dinner party. She easily could’ve gotten mad when I was so honest and blunt with her at my house, but the fact that she understood and felt bad, I know she means well.”

Meghan still maintains that there is a sweet, kind Kelly lurking inside the martini monster. 

Also, Meghan gives David his props for throwing a surprise vow renewal.

“I think it takes a lot of guts to see everyone being so candid about their marriages. And I think these ladies show that with some work and effort, you can make any marriage work. Watching Shannon and David renew their vows after everything they’ve been through the last couple years proves that it’s possible.”

I hope Meghan’s marriage takes an upswing soon. I get sad every time I have to watch her interact with Jim. So, what’s your take on the state of their relationship?

Will the baby make things better or worse? And what did you think of Meghan laying it on the line for Kelly?


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