‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Natalie Flip Flops & Paul’s A Buzz Kill [Episode 30]

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'Big Brother 18' Recap: Natalie Flip Flops & Buzz Kill Paul [Episode 30]

Only 8 houseguests left and a juror possibly returning to the game. The Summer of lying/backstabbing/fighting for 500k isn’t over.

Natalie won the Black Box HOH comp and America voted Michelle as Co-HOH. Let’s be real here. The girls think this is Summer Camp not the BB house. Anyway, Natalie/James made a F4 deal with showmance Corey/Nicole. Nicole the snake then decides to throw Paul/Victor under the bus resulting in their nomination. A big stab in the back for the most entertaining houseguest.

After the Nomination Ceremony, Paul wants to know about all these lies he’s been telling. (Michelle said in her nom speech she found out Paul was telling so many lies he’s the next Pinocchio. Not in those words but you get the drift.) It heats up fast. Paul wants the conversation to be “adult-like.” He turns into a BB lawyer and asks for factual evidence. (One of the “lies” Paul told-He knew Da’vonne was going home. He denies he knew.) James tries to keep Paul from blowing up but the conversation ends fast and everyone leaves the table. Paul is the obvious target this week. Victor is just collateral damage. Thanks Paulie for blowing ish up before you left.

Paul says “Ya’ll suck at this game. I’ll tell you that.” Is Paul a mind reader? Twitter has been saying that for weeks!

Dimwit and Firegoat Boy celebrate not going on the block. They think they’re some master manipulators now. Just hearing Nicole makes me want to go deaf.  Luckily,  for our amusement, Nicole shows us how clumsy she is.

#WrathofTheBeard continues. The girls are upstairs wondering if they made the right decision when in walks the Beardmister still looking for answers. He asks who boned him. Um..moving along here Natalie refuses to throw names around but it’s obvious who threw Paul under the bus. They quickly figure out is was a manipulation ploy by Paulie/Corey/Nicole. See Natalie thinks Paul threw James under the bus when he didn’t. He was just standing there when Paulie decided to run James over on his way out the door. Natalie’s sensitive when it comes to her showmance. When Michelle/Natalie/James find this out the tears start falling and Natalie feels guilty. She feels like she jumped the gun and “being HOH is soooo harrrrd.” *eyeroll*

Paul meets his bestie and fellow blockmate Victor in the Storage Room to fill him in on what really happened. Nicole/Corey/Paulie got into their ear and blah blah. They start figuring out ways they can get Corey on the block if one of them wins the Veto. It’s their best chance of survival.

Victor visits the HOH Suite for a shower where both Natalie/Michelle are coincidentally hanging out. He says “Paul’s Pissed.” Natalie tries to explain her reasoning. Victor says he understands. Natalie feels bad her decision may have been made based on manipulation.

Paul comes in and asks if they trust him now. Natalie just nods. Paul says he’s not mad. No hostility. Michelle’s pissed Nicole’s downstairs cheesing because her plan worked. Paul says they’re going to do anything and everything to save their own butts. Then the hairy twins start planting the “Corey as a renom” seed. A clean backdoor. Michelle isn’t convinced. She still wants Paul gone. James is worried because they made a F4 deal with Nicole/Corey. He has to keep her eyes on the prize.

Get your popcorn ready! With HOH permission, Paul’s ready to blow ish up. Nicole’s doing what she does best; nothing. Firegoat boy gets called to the DR. Now’s the perfect opportunity for Paul to sneak in and make his move. Paul says “Hook me up Nicole. I’m on the block right now because of you.” Nicole turns on her sweet and innocent act because she could never do anything so sneaky. It’s worth noting Michelle’s sitting in the HOH Suite with Popcorn ready to watch. Right in the middle of their argument Firegoat boy starts stripping his Patriotard. It’s like he’s totally deaf to the argument going on 1 ft in front of him. Corey finally asks “Are ya’ll arguing?” Then he calls them a buzzkill. The argument continues. Nicole says “Sorry not sorry Paul.” He’s on the block because he’s a threat. Paul says next time you have something to say, say it to my face. Then the red alert goes off and he has to go do his checkpoints. “Operation call everyone out on their ish complete.”

All the sudden they get a “BB Storm watch Update.” All night the updates continue. This is all related to the next POV comp. While the rest of the house stays up studying, Corey/Nicole decide stay in bed doing the hanky panky. Protip for future Hgs: Don’t EVER feel that safe in the BB house!

POV Players- Natalie, Michelle, Paul, Victor, James and Corey. Nicole’s hosting.

Ready to hear Natalie whine? Just mute it like I did and save yourself. She’s pissed she wants to take a nap in the HOH bed but Paul’s up there in slumberland. She starts rethinking her newfound trust for the beardmister. Her gut is telling her he’s not trustworthy and should remain the target. This is perfect for James.

It’s been awhile and boy did I not miss the Captain Camo pranks. Today’s prank: Putting salt in Paul’s water while he’s distracted lifting weights. He goes all commando so he doesn’t get caught. Paul takes a sip then spits it out. So gross!

Time to play the POV Comp! The “BB Weather Channel” is looking for new correspondents. One at a time, the players will enter the backyard and audition to join the weather team. They have to report the weather from the heart of the storm. (Lots of wind, rain, paper flying all over the place.) When the competition begins start reading the teleprompter. When there’s a blank in the script fill it in by saying the correct storm (evicted hg- Glenn, Jozea, Tiffany or Frank) They have to give the answer before the blank disapears from the teleprompter. Each correct answer earns them a point. The player with the most points wins the Power of Veto.

Who won the Power of Veto? (Highest score is 21) Corey scored 15 points. James scored 13 points. Michelle scored 20 points. Natalie scored 10 points. Victor scored 19 points. Paul scored a perfect 21 points! Paul won the POV!

Paul won the Veto but he can’t sleep sound quite yet. He has to make sure Corey goes up as the replacement nominee. Michelle has no clue who she’s going to throw up there next to Vic. Nicole’s a little worried she’ll end up on the block for the first time this season. Corey advises her to tough it out.

Paul’s strategy for the week is play the nice card. Get them to nominate Corey. If he wins HOH next week he plans on nominating James/Natalie.

Operation backdoor Firegoat is in effect. Nat/James/Vic are hanging out in the hot tub. Perfect opportunity to throw Nicole/Corey under the bus. At this point Natalie doesn’t care which one goes up. Send either Tweedle Dee or Tweedle firegoat boy packing. She’s good with it. Thanks to Michelle Baldwin the naughty bird makes a brief appearance. Victor wants Michelle’s opinion on the renom. Her gut is telling her to put Nicole up. Victor goes into strategy talk. I wonder at one point if he’s doing hand signals to the mothership. Will Corey win the next care package? James is down with Michelle’s plan. Put Nicole up. All she’s done is lay in bed like a lazy bum so it wouldn’t matter if she left right? It starts sounding gibberish at one point but there’s a lot to chew on for poor Michelle.

After a jam packed episode with lots of drama, it’s time for the POV Ceremony. Paul takes himself off the block. (shocker!) Michelle then renoms Corey. Corey’s confident James won’t vote him out. He’s not worried. Victor fought hard to get back in the house. He’s about to pull every magic trick he can to stay this week. Michelle wanted to put Nicole up but she had to think more strategically.

Don’t miss the live eviction! The jurors will battle it out to get back into the house! Find out all about that live Thursday night!


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