Jealous of Lu? Ramona Singer’s Green Eyed Envy After Her Ex Put A Ring On Luann de Lesseps

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Ramona Singer's Green Eyed Envy After Publicly Dating Luann de Lesseps' Fiance

The Bravo spotlight may be bouncing between Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps, but Real Housewives of New York veteran, Ramona Singer, has been a busy side character this season. Ramona has stirred the pot, kissed a skinny butt, turned on a friend, and morphed into a rabid man hunter. Luann snagged one such man out from under Sonja Morgan, behavior labeled by Ramona as “disgusting.” Luann broke “girl code,” Ramona said — because she herself had once dated the same guy. Tom D’Agostino gets around — and Sonja, his late-night squeeze, expressed hurt that Luann later minimized the importance of their hazy relationship. The question remains — why is Ramona off the hook, for dating the lover of the woman she calls her BFF?

Ramona very publicly dated Tom D’Agostino in the late summer/early fall  of 2015 — so proudly that various outlets reported that Ramona was linked to a hunky new millionaire. Ramona makes claims that she keeps her dating life private — but someone tipped off the press last summer. Ramona blasted Luann with accusations of such leaky behavior — but it certainly appears that she was up to the same tricks. If Luann was “disgusting,” for swiping Sonja’s man, breaking “girl code,” by not running her romance by Ramona — how would Ramona explain openly dating Sonja’s “friend with benefits?” The stud of the century remained a dirty secret for ten years — between two die-hard girlfriends? 

Carole Radziwill appears to be in on the drama — possibly on her days off from carrying Bethenny’s red tiara. Ramona and Carole started out the season in a rough spot, with Ramona complaining that Carole had not checked on her all summer.

“You didn’t show that you cared about me all summer long,” Ramona complained. “You never really reached out to me, okay? You never made an effort. Did you one time call me and say I am going to come to your house? I’m gonna take you to dinner? No.”

Carole brushed her off, claiming that she had been in touch — but didn’t raise an eyebrow of recollection, indicating any knowledge of a love interest. Carole noted in Palm Beach that she first met Tom at the Regency Hotel, while he was “dating Ramona.” However, while packing for the same trip, Carole told Dorinda that she couldn’t wait to meet Tom. Tom and Carole had obviously never met, when they crossed paths at Luann’s engagement party. Carole was even heard asking, “Which one’s Tom?” Carole later co-signed Ramona’s out-there assertion that Tom had been flirting with her all night — a tawdry spectacle that seemed to escape the eyes of the viewers.

Ramona may have snuck under the radar, but if Sonja feels shaded by Luann, she needs to look at the vampy blonde, shaking her goods in the corner. Luann nabbed Tom loud and proud. Ramona wore a green-eyed vibe right up to her happiest moment of the season — when Tom was busted, supposedly canoodling with another.

If Ramona isn’t happy — watch out. Sonja has shifted from friend to competition, with a narrowed Manhattan dating pool, the prize. A man tagged by Ramona, chose Luann. Luann scored the the ring, the attention, and maybe even the husband. Friendship dynamics have changed.

Cast manipulation wrapped in fake support has polluted the season — along with Luann’s joy. The real tea should be spilled at the reunion..and I can’t wait. 


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