Maci Bookout Scrambles To Engagement Before Announcing Obvious Pregnancy In ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 6 Premiere

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Maci Bookout began her new Teen Mom OG season with a bang — scoring  a ring and a pregnancy all in the first double episode.

In spite of MTV’s best efforts, it was painfully obvious that Maci’s reality had been refurbished to paint a rosier picture of a post Teen Mom having three children, minus a marriage commitment. How did MTV collaborate with a reality veteran, who  didn’t want to look like a low-rent baby mama?

  • First, Maci reminds us that Taylor McKinney has still not popped the question, even though she has been begging for months. The couple lives together and shares one child, along with Maci’s son from a previous relationship.
  • Taylor collaborates with MTV to ring-shop, and pull together a “surprise”  engagement. They film the moment, and in spite of Maci’s baggy clothes, a baby bump is spotted.
  • Happily engaged, Maci immediately begins to complain that she feels fat. Maci shares her sudden awareness of a slowing metabolism — in her early 20’s. She even researches gym memberships on camera, while the couple   tries not to snicker. Maci wants to shave the belly fat, and is concerned that she went from skinny as a rail, to lumpy in the middle, in a matter of a couple of months.
  • A phony lightbulb goes off with Taylor, who wonders out loud if his now fiancee could be pregnant. Maci can’t imagine such a fate, but through mutual smirks, they decide that a test is in order. Maci notes that she has not taken a pregnancy test since she was 16 — but just happens to have one under her sink.
  • The test is taken — it’s positive, and the couple barely flinches. It’s another baby, but at least Maci can say she’s engaged — barely. The couple wonders how far along Maci could possibly be, especially because she’s already showing. After all, she has only been pregnant twice.

In the months leading up to the coincidental double-whammy, Maci was  busted drinking alcohol with an evident baby bump. Apparently, the MTV  crew’s arrival marked the day that the jig was up, for Maci and Taylor. It appears that the couple believed that tying up their off-season shenanigans in a diamond studded bow, would take care of all the controversy. MTV’s frantic strategy was a reality fail, but got the job done. 

The couple has since had a baby boy, and is planning a fall wedding. Do you believe that Maci and Taylor will actually tie the knot?


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