‘I Never Thought I Could Be This Loved’ Shannon Beador Gushes Over Vow Renewal While Slamming Vicki & Kelly!

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 Shannon Beador Gushes Over Vow Renewal While Slamming Vicki & Kelly!

Since Shannon Beador was on vacay last week, we get two Real Housewives of Orange County blogs in one.

Last week’s dinner of sushi shame and this week’s surprise vow renewal. So, let’s jump in.

First, Shannon touches on her latest nemesis, Kelly Dodd.

“…Kelly continually makes references that my “lies” will be revisited at the reunion because she continues to believe that I set her up at my ’70s party. I can’t wait to see the “evidence” she thinks she has because there isn’t any. I didn’t set Kelly up and didn’t know she had previously met Jaci and Nina.”

And Shannon wants to reiterate that she’s forgiven Vicki Gunvalson. Nope, I don’t believe that whopper either. She’s still hurt and angry which is why she’s trying to persuade the other ladies to stand strong on their anti-Vicki stance. But she claims otherwise.

“For the millionth time, I have forgiven Vicki. I don’t want to be close to her anymore… As I have continually said, the other women are big girls and can make their own choices. If they want to pursue friendships with Vicki, I respect their decisions.”

Now, moving on to the dinner where, after a few drinks and a shot of rage, Kelly turned as bright red as her jumpsuit.

Kelly‘s behavior at Meghan‘s sushi party was ridiculous. The last time I saw her, she said she wanted to move forward and now she is saying that she has to restrain herself from slapping me in the face! Most people in the room teared up after Kelly‘s attack towards Tamra and I. I have never in my life been called the C-word.”

Maybe just not to her face? Anyway, now we get into this week’s episode. David decided to surprise Shannon with a party. And it came off without a hitch.

“I never thought I could be this loved and this happy with my husband and family! Two years ago I would have told anyone they were crazy if they suggested that David would surprise me with a birthday party and vow renewal! It is all a testament to the love and work that we all have put into our family and our marriage!”

Shannon explains why the location was so important to her.

“We got married in Rancho Santa Fe where I grew up and the fact the David chose the same venue of our wedding for the surprise vow renewal was even more touching! The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe is just a slice of heaven in North County San Diego.”

David managed to put all this together to give Shannon a birthday to remember. Unlike last year’s sports bar nightmare.

“I can honestly say I have never seen David so flustered and nervous! And now I understand why! To plan such an extravagant event and keep it all secret was amazing! None of the guests knew that there was going to be a vow renewal, they all thought it was a surprise birthday party only!”

Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out made an appearance. Is this where he rattled Heather Dubrow and watched her act rudely toward the wait staff?

“My very close friend Jeff Lewis and I share the same birthday and I was blown away that he chose to celebrate his own birthday with me! (And also that he was open to Jenni, Gage, and him taking just a minute off of work!!) I am happy that you got to see how silly we are together!”

So, were you touched by the vow renewal or are you still on the fence about this marriage lasting? And did you see that cold greeting between Jeff and Heather? Brrr.


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