‘Teen Mom’ Confession! Catelynn Lowell Admits To ‘Cutting’ & Smoking Weed Regularly

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Catelynn Lowell Admits To 'Cutting' & Smoking Weed Everday

Teen Mom OG premiered Monday night, allowing viewers to catch up with Catelynn Lowell, her husband, Tyler Baltierra, and their baby daughter, Nova. The MTV show is set to chronicle Catelynn’s struggle with anxiety and depression, as the couple ponders whether to not to add to their young family.

Tyler recommends that Catelynn call Dr. Drew, to seek advice about her ongoing emotional challenges. The phone call allows a staged conversation, exposing some disturbing details about Catelynn’s past, as well as her day-to-day life.

Dr. Drew asks Catelynn about alcohol and drug use, then asks her if she has ever engaged in “cutting.”

Catelynn discloses that she takes the antidepressant Zoloft, and that she doesn’t drink much, but smokes marijuana, sometimes twice a day. Dr. Drew points out that pot can counteract the effect of the anti-depressants, then asks her if she has any history with “cutting.” Catelynn confirms his suspicion.

“Cutting suggests some trauma. So what sort of trauma were you dealing with?” asks Dr. Drew.

Dr. Drew is certainly out of the loop, for the supposed resident MTV counselor!

“Growing up with an alcoholic mom — that chaos right there,” Catelynn answers, then continues, after Drew asks her about whether physical abuse plays a role. “More or less, verbal, not so much physical,” Catelynn clarifies.

Dr. Drew asks where the abuse originated, and Catelynn reveals that it came from her mom’s boyfriends.

“So people came around her were a**holes — is that right?” Drew asks. “Did any of them get scary?”

“Yes,” Catelynn responds, recollecting an incident that occurred when she was around 14. “It was my little brother Nicholas’s dad — he was addicted to crack cocaine. One time he snapped, he choked me, and pinned me down in the bathroom between the toilet and the tub, and Tyler had to help get him off of me.”

Dr. Drew and Cate agree that weekly therapy sessions are called for, with Dr. Drew acting as her adviser from a distance.

After the convo, Tyler calls foul on Catelynn for not mentioning that her mother verbally abused her, perhaps more often than the men in her life. Catelynn chalks it up to a memory lapse, but Tyler isn’t buying it.

Later in the show, Catelynn meets with her therapist, Kathleen, who notes a possible hereditary link to her mental struggles, and points out she is smoking pot to cover the real issues in her life. Catelynn believes that she has abandonment issues, and is concerned how they will translate to her daughter.

Teen Mom OG airs Monday night, on MTV.


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