Jacqueline Laurita Explains Why She Called Joe Gorga Instead of Going Through Melissa! #RHONJ

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On the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jacqueline Laurita is still feeling the consequences of her argument with former friend, Teresa Giudice.

“The bottom line is that in reality, Teresa was the one who brought up the past in every situation we discussed that night at my house. I just held her accountable for her own actions in each situation. Teresa never seems to take accountability for her own actions. It’s frustrating. I may hit below the belt sometimes, but at least I hit with the truth.”

Melissa Gorga was upset that Jacqueline put her husband, Joe, in the middle of the fight with Tre. And she was ready to confront Jac when they met up for lunch.

“I never felt I needed to go through Melissa to talk to Joe. I felt we were all close enough friends by now that I could pick up the phone to speak to him if I needed to clear something up that he was involved in. It had nothing to do with Melissa.”

After all, it wasn’t Jacqueline who first brought Joe into the conversation. That was all Teresa.

“I’m not sure why she brought her brother up unless she was purposely trying to create a wedge between him and I. She knew Joe and I were friends, but I guess she always tried to sway my opinion of Melissa and Joe, even before I even met them.”

Moving on, Jacqueline met up with Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker to rip apart Dolores’ kitchen.

“It may be the same old house where all her old memories (some painful) were lingering, but this home makeover was a chance to make it feel new again. It was giving her a new sanctuary to call her own…”

Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that Dolores’ ex-husband, Frank, is so enmeshed in her life and finances? He is remarried, no? I wonder what his wife thinks.

“I don’t know many ex-husbands that are as attentive or as invested in the lives of their ex-wives as Frank, but I think it’s wonderful. They have a great family unit.”

On a happy note, Jacqueline’s daughter, Ashlee, has found a steady boyfriend who met with the family’s approval. And it’s serious.

Pete had approached Chris and I when he joined us at Thanksgiving and asked if we would be opposed to him marrying Ashlee one day. Of course we said that it was up to them, but we loved him like a son… He had been in Ashlee‘s life for almost six years by then and they had been dating as a couple for about 1 1/2 years.”

So, when Pete asked Jacqueline to go ring shopping, she was elated.

“I was honored that he wanted me to go with him to pick out rings. I wanted to go, but I wanted the choice to come from him. It’s such a personal gift. I didn’t know his budget or what he had in mind to buy her, and I didn’t want to give my input on something so personal and between them. My only message to him was that the gesture is more important than the ring…”

And she gives us a little insight to her early life with Chris.

Chris and I had been engaged for over a year and a half before I moved my life and Ashlee across the country to New Jersey to live with Chris for the first time. We knew that with our engagement and my moving across the country that it meant a commitment of marriage was coming. We were both excited and anxious to start a family right away!”

What’s your take of the season so far? Do you find Dolores as much of a snore as I do? Did Jac do the right thing by calling Joe Gorga or should she have gone through Melissa?


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