‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Girl Power! [Episode 29]

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HOH Victor united the house against Paulie. Paulie knew his apple pie was burned when Victor took home the Zingbot POV. Unfortunately, Paulie found himself facing the shark tank of girls he had a huge hand in evicting. Audios Paulie!

There was a “special Friday episode.” They played carnival games and reminisced about evicted houseguests. There was a special performance by Ziggy Marley. At the end of the episode the scary HOH comp began.

The HOH Comp is called “The Black Box.” The houseguests are sent into a dark “box.” For 2 hours they have to hang on to a button. When they hear a buzzer, they collect disks. They have to return to their buttons before the 30 seconds is up. There’s a bunch of gook and yucky stuff coming down on them. They aren’t big fans. James, however is hanging out like he’s done this a million times.

Nicole thought she and her showmance lurch the goatfire boy were next on the hitlist. Luckily Paulie decided to stir the pot right before the eviction. He pulled Corey, Nicole and Paul into one of the bedrooms to fill them in on some shady deetz. He advises them to go after James and Victor who put them in this unfortunate situation.

Nicole says she has zero intent to go after James and his showmance Natalie. Like the rat she is, she runs to the bathroom where Natalie and James are getting ready for the live show to fill them in. She will not be following Paulie’s advice. Natalie feels “super betrayed.” Paul had no reason to throw James under the bus. (Other than the fact this is a game that twists and turns every hour.) Nicole says she has James back 100%. They form some kind of showmance alliance. Just because she formed a new alliance that may or may not have taken the huge target off her back doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to win HOH. I’d say Corey should win but come on, Lurch can’t tie his own shoes with the lights on for goodness sakes.

Big Meech wants to win and it looks like she’s doing one heck of a job. She’s not in the new super showmance alliance and she only trusts herself. No way she’s throwing this comp. During the BB Carnival, (Friday’s special episode) Michelle won an advantage for the HOH comp. She won an extra 30 seconds to search for disks. She decides not to venture out too much.

It got really gross in that black box. Feathers, gook, Paul lost his shoe and smoke. 2 hours full of fun. How did they do? Michelle and James were eliminated.  Paul and Nicole collected 5 disks. Corey and Natalie collected 10 disks. Tie breaker time. The person who brought back their 10th disk first wins HOH. Natalie brought her disk back first and wins HOH! Ugh, she’s still stuck on “girl power.” 

Paul and Victor had to pick a side last week. Now it’s Natalie and James turn. Nicole isn’t sure ratting on Paul paid off quite yet. Paul hopes jumping ship to evict Paulie pays off and the targets don’t change. Natalie calls winning HOH “a dream come true.” She is a little nervous about nominating 2 people for eviction. Will Nicole/Corey remain targets?

Nicole whines about their fate being in Natalie/James hands. She’s worried but she feels like it’s good for their game to keep Corey/Nicole safe for the week. She hopes Lurch, the love of her BB life, gets the care package.

Victor has to check in with Natalie and make sure he’s not going on the block. The last few times he won HOH, he didn’t nominate her. She should return the favor? Paul joins them with gook still in his beard to pump Natalie up. Paul acts like some kind of proud parent. He’s so happy she won the comp.

When Natalie walks away Victor says their fu**ed. Paul says 100% but adds he’s just kidding. They start weighing their options. Did James/Natalie make a deal with Corey/Nicole? They have to “make sure that doesn’t happen.” (Because they run the house now, right?) See what cockiness gets you in the BB house?

Meanwhile in the HOH Suite, Natalie holds her first HOH meeting to whine about how hard being the HOH is. Nicole’s meeting with James/Natalie to reinforce the idea of aligning the 2 showmances left in the house. Nicole wants a F4 deal. Ugh no. After thinking about it for about 2 seconds, Natalie is totally down with this plan. Nicole does what she does best, throw other people under the bus to save her own butt. She says Paul’s a smart game player and has a great social game. Aligned with Victor Paul is dangerous.

Nicole’s clumsy.

Paul has a “friendship conversation” with HOH Natalie. He says he wouldn’t be surprised if tweedle dee and tweedle firegoat try to make deals. He promises not to push them. (James/Nat) He’s sticking to friendship. (Which means he wants Nicole/Corey going on the block) He says they need to do what’s best for their game and what’s in their best interest. Natalie says she respects that but she knows he’s after James.

Victor is feeling confident about Natalie’s HOH but he still wants to sit down and talk to confirm Nicole/Corey are still the targets. He walks in on Corey talking about how far he wants to go with Natalie/James. Game talk stops. You could hear a pin drop. Victor’s spidey senses are a blaze now. He leaves the HOH Suite, then runs down to spill some tea on the HOH Shade. He says things are no bueno.  

Afternoon friendship talk with Paul segment. It’s called “Friendship Times With Paul.” The new Good Morning America people. It’s basically Paul talking about random topics with himself. I’m guessing this is to benefit the live feeders. When Paul gets bored talking to himself he brings on special guests.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No it’s America’s Care Package back to give the houseguests underwear, socks, hair stuff and game advantages. This week’s delivery is addressed to Big Meech! OOOOO….what is it? She’s Co-HOH this week! This power will make Natalie share all the HOH perks with Michelle. She’ll also name one of the 2 nominees this week. It also means she won’t be competing in the next HOH comp. Natalie is happy to share the responsibilities. James isn’t happy about getting kicked out of the HOH Suite.

Now that Michelle is co-HOH, Natalie needs to figure out what’s going on in Michelle’s little head. When Natalie asks her who she wants to nominate, Michelle says “Nicole for sure.” Natalie turns it around and says the strongest duo is Victor/Paul. Paul walks in on the strategy talk to talk about how much America loves them. When he leaves, Natalie returns to gametalk. She says Paul’s played a dirty game. Michelle says Paulie told her Paul was in on evicting Da’vonne. Paulie didn’t leave without blowing up Victor/Paul’s game. Why not? He’s salty.

Later on Lurch corners Michelle in the bathroom to throw Paul/Victor under the bus. HA! Corey’s pitch about safety and blah blah doesn’t faze Michelle. All she cares about is her hair looking cute.

Michelle and Natalie get some alone time to strategize. They agree to put Paul up. Michelle doesn’t want to put Victor up. She thinks if Victor/ Paul get evicted she’ll be the biggest target because she’s playing alone.

Michelle/Natalie announce the nomination ceremony. Natalie nominates Victor. He battled his way back into the house…blah blah blah.  Michelle nominates Paul. She sees him winning the game and she’s heard a lot of stuff about him. Like he’s a liar. She says if she wins the veto she’s pulling Victor off the block.

When the nomination ceremony concludes, Paul asks Victor to get the knife out of his back. The real target is Paul. Victor is a pawn. Nicole’s just excited she and firegoat lurch are safe. So far. Victor is out for blood. He’s a comp beast.

Will Paul or Victor win the POV?

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