‘Take Your Finger Out My Face!’ Melissa Goes After Jacqueline Over Dragging Her Hubby Into The Fight With Teresa #RHONJ

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Take Your Finger Out My Face Melissa Jacqueline Clash Over Fight With Teresa

The Real Housewives of New Jersey continues tonight, with a free-at-last episode for Teresa Giudice.

Teresa is released from her ankle bracelet, and the women plan a trip, to celebrate her freedom from home confinement. Siggy hosts a religious family dinner, and Dolores continues her home renovation.

In a preview snippet, Melissa confronts Jacqueline over dragging her hubby into her fight with Teresa. Last week, Teresa and Jacqueline argue over tabloid disclosures and dueling legal issues, and Joe Gorga was called in to settle a rumor. The ladies meet at a local restaurant, and it doesn’t take long for tensions to escalate.

“I’ve always loved you, I’ve always felt like you’ve been a good friend to me—but I’m fu*king pissed you called my husband,” Melissa says. “The words never came out of his mouth that ‘Jacqueline is not a good friend.’”

Melissa comments that she would like Jacqueline to filter her complaints with her husband through her, but Jacqueline isn’t on board with the demand.

“He’s my friend too,” points out Jacqueline. “You don’t need to be his voice. I was pissed at your husband, I don’t need to do the three way thing—I went right to the source.”

Melissa insists that Jacqueline should have brushed off Teresa’s jab, but Jacqueline begs to differ. Jacqueline notes her past generosity towards the Gorgas, implying that Joe’s alleged comments felt like a betrayal.

“Take your finger out of my face, we’ve been friends for a long time….” Melissa says, snarking about Jacqueline, “Something’s not right.”

Tune in tonight at 8:00pm ET — as things heat up in Jersey, and a new feud is launched.   


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