‘Sister Wives’ Shocker! Mariah & Logan Brown Abandon Mormonism—Caught DRINKING!

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All About the Tea_Mariah & Logan Brown Abandons Mormonism—Caught DRINKING

Mariah Brown recently celebrated a milestone — her 21st birthday. July 29, 1995 marked the date when Kody Brown and then-wife Meri, welcomed  their first and only child together, Mariah Lian Brown.

Kody and Janelle retweeted Meri’s sweet tribute, but Christine evidently forgot what month it was. Robyn publicly ignored Mariah’s big day, but didn’t miss tweeting a birthday shout-out to pop star and songwriter, Shawn Mendes — for her daughter, Aurora, of course. 

The sibs got into the mix, posting their own congratulations to their sister. Madison Brush wrote,“Happy Freaking Birthday to one of my favorite people on this planet! Thanks for deciding you wanted to be apart of the world 21 years ago! Life has never been dull with you there! I hope you have a kick ass 21st birthday and do something crazy!! I love you so much!!


Logan Brown wasted no time getting his freshly legal sister into the swing of the local bar scene, writing, “Aaaaaannddd another one hits the bars. Love ya sis!! #downtownvegas


A follower asked Logan a question about the eyebrow-raising post, “I thought drinking was against Mormonism? I’m not bashing her but I thought it was.”

Logan responded with an interesting disclosure.

“No problem. Yes, It is typically discouraged in Mormonism but I’m not Mormon,” Logan wrote. “I can’t speak for Mariah but she is a responsible adult that made the decision to enjoy a drink. 🙂 Cheers!”

The discussion continued, when another poster chimed in, “I thought Mormons didn’t drink. I have several friends who are Mormon and they don’t drink alcohol.”

Logan clarified  his position, and answered questions. 

“You’re absolutely right,” Logan answered. “They typically don’t. Mariah and I are not members of the LDS/Mormon church though.”

Another fan inquired about the status of their religion, “thanks for clearing up the drinking thing- I was wondering too. Not bashing, just wondering. Are you guys not members of your family’s church? Do they drink (your parents I mean) also? Thanks.”

“No problem! Curiosity is always fine,” Logan responded. “At this point in time neither of us are. As for my parents, they have enjoyed a glass of wine as sacrament or at family/holiday events as part of toasts and such.”

The mainstream LDS/Mormon church would be thrilled to hear Logan’s snub, because they want no association with anyone who even twitches in the direction of polygamy. Polygamists identify with offshoot sects of the mainstream Mormon church. So is Logan splitting hairs — or has the eldest Brown abandoned the religion altogether, along with his tipsy sister?

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