Deeply Disturbing! Farrah Abraham Admits To Snorting Cocaine Just After Daughter’s Birth #TeenMomOG

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In this week’s edition of, “Bitch, please!” we learn that Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham, has written a memoir.

The 25-year old reality star, whose book was released last April admits to snorting cocaine three months after giving birth to 7-year old daughter, Sophia

“I needed an escape,” she wrote in, My Teenage Dream Ended.

Farrah’s memoir (rolling eyes) talks about the car accident of her baby daddy which took his life when she was only seven months pregnant. It didn’t take long for Farrah to hand over the parenting responsibilities to her combative mother and try to solve her troubles in the bottom of a bottle.

“I was partying too much; going out just to drink, mingle and escape the stress of my life.” The fact that Farrah went out every weekend, staying out until 2 or 3 am, “quickly became an issue” at home.

The cocaine incident, where Farrah did so much her “nose hurt from the coke” the following morning, when she woke “feeling like a mess” after hanging out with “some guy I was kinda into” was a turning point.

Farrah claims to have quit right then and there; however fans are skeptical since she was arrested for a DUI in 2013, prompting a visit to rehab.

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