‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Jatalie’s New Target, Who Won HOH & Game Talk [Episode 27]

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Big Brother 18

Two very strong players find themselves on the block. Will Corey or Paulie join the jury of sharks waiting? Will tonight’s evictee hold the roundtrip ticket and return to the game?

Here we go. The Veto meeting has just concluded and Victor’s overwhelmed. He’s still adamant Paulie’s getting the boot and it’s sweet revenge. Can anyone take Corey seriously when he’s dressed like that? Paulie has officially hit rock bottom. He doesn’t want to campaign against Corey. He’s run out of things to do. James says he didn’t hug Paulie. Hell no. He disrespected Natalie. Victor walks in and asks “Good stuff?” Paul and James answer “Good stuff.” He kept it classy.

Paul’s so concerned about his former ally’s mental health. I wonder if he knows the feeders are cheering Paulie’s eviction. His behavior in the house not his strategy made him the target this week. He says for the sanctity of the house he’s needs to go. Natalie says she’s tired of Paulie’s crazy behavior.

Speaking of crazy behavior. James finds Paulie outside almost in fake tears again. You know the stages of grief? I think Paulie has entered the acceptance stage. He turns on the emotions I guess trying to get James to throw him a pity vote. He has an odd opinion about butterflies. He thinks they’re spirits? Is he scared of them? Paulie’s either a great actor or he’s lost his marbles. James is a good guy. He puts the game aside to support his crazy friend in his time of desperate need.

Oh say can you zing!? Time for some pie making. Paulie decides he doesn’t have to follow through with his punishment. He wants to work out instead. So, production decides to repeat the zingbot anthem over and over. His fellow houseguests wonder wtf he’s doing!? Michelle calls him a baby. Paulie is throwing a doucheball sized tantrum because his game went down in flames. Corey doesn’t like to see his bestie down. He becomes Paulie’s cheerleader. They have another Hallmark movie moment that ends with a hug. I wonder if Nicole’s afraid Paulie will swoop in and take her man.

Phew! Paulie pulls through and puts his gameface back on. He needs to repair the bridges he burned to the ground starting with Natalie. He apologizes for his misogynistic douchey comments he made about Natalie. To her credit Natalie is receptive but she knows it’s more about strategy.

After he repaired things with Natalie he moved onto his former “PP” friend. In reality he wants Paul to throw him a sympathy vote. He wants his housemates to feel bad for him. It’s worked so far. Paul’s still playing the dumb card. Paul’s seriously considering it. He won’t break his cardinal rule of friendship.

Paulie tries to talk strategy with James but it’s hard to take him seriously in a chef’s hat waving a zingbot flag. He wants Natalie/James to keep him. If he convinces them, he may be able to swing another vote. He wants James to use him as a weapon. As long as he’s in the house he remains target numero uno. He comes back later without the hat and tries to convince James and Natalie to keep him. If they throw him their votes he promises them his first child and undying loyalty. I’m just kidding. Paulie would never promise his perfect offspring to anyone.

Rachel and Brendon introduce us to their daughter and the first BB baby. She’s cute with a weird name but what do you expect from these two!? They fell in love on a show you’re supposed to lie/cheat/steal and backstab. Of course they give their opinion on the season. Rachel is obsessed with Natalie/James. She wants a girl to win. Brendon thinks Paul is playing the best game.

I know you’re curious. The first jury segment of the season! Exicting! Da’vonne’s had a week to think about how her game went down in flames. She says her biggest mistake was not keeping her mouth shut. Zakiyah soon joins Da’vonne. Da’vonne is seriously disappointed because she wanted Zakiyah to float around the BB house (like Casper!) for a bit longer. After the tears stop, Zakiyah shows Da’vonne video of her eviction week. But the fun isn’t over yet. Bridgette is next to walk into the house. She’s disappointed but she’s glad she blew the house up before she left. She also has video of her eviction day. The video included Michelle’s “Nicole’s a snake” speech. Da’vonne and Zakiyah watch like proud parents.

Here comes the save me speeches. This is Corey’s first speech so hold your breath. Maybe firegoat will make himself look like a fool. Paulie’s speech consists of shoutouts to everyone and their grandma. (literally.) He holds no grudges and hopes he can hangout with his housemates outside of the house. It was super weird Paulie suddenly broke out of his depression to give a speech like that. I need his miracle cure. Corey did the same thing minus the fake makeout with Michelle.

The votes are in. It was unanimous. Paulie got evicted from the BB house. Pick up your crap and get to steppin’. Julie announces Paulie help a one way ticket. He won’t be returning to the house. That ends this twist. Onto the next.

Paulie answers some questions before he’s sent to the shark tank aka jury house. He tries to make himself look like a stud who ran the house until the weak link ruined it. He thinks his eviction was a team effort. He admits the “depression” was an act for sympathy. He plays coy when Julie asks him if he wants to have a relationship with Zakiyah outside the house.

So who held the roundtrip ticket? One-by-one they opened their envelopes. The roundtrip ticket holder is…. *Drumroll* Paul held the roundtrip ticket! I can die a happy girl now that the mystery is solved.

This week’s care package is a doozy. America must decide who they want to be co-hoh this week.

Tune in tomorrow for a Friday night special episode. The houseguests will compete for prizes/HOH and a few special guests will drop into the BB house.

*On Sunday find out who won HOH and who they nominated.*


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