Meghan Edmonds Is Shocked by Kelly’s Behavior At Her Dinner Party “She Was Extremely Crass”

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Meghan Edmonds Is Shocked by Kelly's Behavior At Her Dinner Party "She Was Extremely Crass"

On the Real Housewives of Orange County, Meghan Edmonds’ planned pregnancy is an event with a capital E. Naturally, she wouldn’t want to break bread, or even raw fish, with her nemesis, Vicki Gunvalson the night before insemination. Gah!

“I’m still in shock with how my party played out. I was concerned about Vicki being invited, but I guess I should’ve been more worried about Kelly and Shannon being in the same room again.”

She’s got that right. But Meghan is still holding a grudge against lying Vicki. Mostly.

“I was genuinely surprised that Tamra invited Vicki to a party in my honor. I realize I had told Tamra that Vicki and I had a “moment” at the ’70s party, but that in no way meant that we were now friends. I thought that it was a little presumptuous of her and that she didn’t consider my feelings at all.”

Because Meghan’s been pumping her body full of hormones, she had a case of baby brain—even though she wasn’t yet preggers.

“I do agree with Tamra that I was hormonal, but I thought that would be all the more reason she would’ve considered my delicate feelings.”

Excuse me while I snort in derision. Meghan has delicate feelings? Since when? Anyway, Meghan decided to forgive Tamra.

“Even though I wasn’t happy about Vicki being invited, I really did appreciate the gesture from her when she reached out about my baby. When people are nice to me regarding my baby, I take it as a personal compliment to her and I put all other hard feelings aside.”

But the party didn’t go as planned. Kelly had a little too much to drink and flew off the handle. Meghan did not approve.

“I was there in person and I’m still in shock watching the scene with how quickly everything escalated with Kelly. She was extremely crass and it’s embarrassing that she was treating my friends with such disrespect. I think we all were pretty shocked by Kelly‘s behavior and how quickly she resorted to the low blows.”

Even though it wasn’t Heather Dubrow’s party, she tried to kick Kelly out of the restaurant. She’s so used to booting people out, she should have permanent OC bouncer status.

“I don’t blame Heather at all for being upset and walking out like she did. I wish she would’ve stayed for the rest of the night, but if I were in her shoes, I would’ve left too.”

Through it all, Meghan is remaining loyal to her girl.

“If I didn’t know the real Kelly and how great she can be, I would’ve left myself!”

Are you tired of Meghan’s “journey” yet? Do you think Jim will be more involved once the baby arrives or has he checked out for good?


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