Luann de Lesseps’ Was ‘Devastated’ By ‘Bitter’ Bethenny’s Cheating News & Fake Concern! #RHONY

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On the Real Housewives of New York, we picked up where we left off — the doomed girls’ trip to Florida. Bethenny Frankel had evidence that Luann de Lesseps’ fiancé, Tom, cheated on her. Half the group knew the truth while the other half remained in the dark. That made for some very awkward moments during the episode.

While Dorinda Medley planned a trip to a sandbar that included hotdogs and ice cream, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, and Bethenny opted out. Luann chose the sandbar, thank you very much.

“I’m a team player and when I’m invited to a party, I party. Ramona and Sonja’s decision to join Bethenny and her friend at Bagatelle was fortunate knowing now what I didn’t know then. Dorinda planned a number of fabulous activities for us this season, and she’s a generous hostess and deserves to be treated with respect.”

When Luann ran into a group of her fans on the water, she became giddy. Unfortunately, I had that song stuck in my brain for the rest of the night. 

“Can you believe the guys on the boat that shouted out “chic ce la vie”? Making music is awesome and having people enjoy my songs still brings a smile to my face.”

Bethenny held onto her Tom information until the last day of the trip for maximum impact. While she claimed she didn’t want to bring this info to Luann, the countess questioned Bethenny’s motives.

“Would you tell your girlfriend if you saw her man with another woman? I think I would, yet it’s the way you tell your friend that matters. Instead of telling a close friend like DorindaBethenny chose to tell Carole and Ramona first. If you call yourself concerned and a friend, would you share what you know with…the whole world before you share what you know privately?”

Luann was rocked by the news.

“Was I hurt when I found out that she had a photo of Tom and a girl at the Regency? Yes I was. I was devastated to the point of not knowing what to do next.”

In that raw moment, we saw Luann reacting to Tom’s infidelity. It was hard to watch.

“I was blindsided when Bethenny shared with me what her friend saw at the Regency, and I asked the crew to stop filming me so I could process in private. My reaction was honest, and I was in pain.” 

Luann also resents the way Bethenny wrote off her marriage to the count.

“Again, I’m going to go on record to say that my marriage to my first husband was incredible, and even though we divorced, I wouldn’t trade a minute of it for the world. I have two beautiful children, and I’m still very good friends with my ex. This makes for very happy, well-adjusted children.”

Luann’s opinion is that Bethenny is still angry about her own disastrous marriage.

“I think that Bethenny is bitter over her divorce (that she’s still trying to get at this point), and it’s hard for her to see that some marriages, even though they end, were meant to happen and to be appreciated.  I hope that she gets to this point in her life for her daughter’s sake.”

I think we all can agree that Bethenny should have told Luann in private, but obviously Luann forgave Tom his indiscretion. Should she have been so forgiving?


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