‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Victor Wins Zingbot PoV — PoV & Ceremony

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Big Brother Recap Episode #26

Get the violins ready. Paulie’s on the block next to his bosom buddy lurch, I mean Corey. Let the sparks fly! This will be one hell of a week!

Victor put Paulie and Corey on the block. The boys finally crawled out of Paulie’s behind. Yay! It’s about time to watch Paulie squirm. Common Corey is guilty by association. Nicole and Corey haven’t gotten the “sinking ship! Jump!” Memo.  Corey says Victor is now numero uno on his hit list.

Que the sad music because Paulie can’t handle being on the block. He’s a born bread competitor and champion. Paulie’s a horse? He blames his tears on passion. He’s ready to beastmode and promises to fight till his last breath. He just makes the house awkward. Paulie decides to out “The Executives” alliance right in front of Nicole. He asks Paul/James what the plan is if one of the nominees wins POV. Paul sticks to his “dumb” routine. He says he has no idea what’s going on.  Paulie then goes all preacher and starts talking about loyalty and how he sacrificed the love of his life Zakiyah for them. Victor says some plans don’t work out. Obviously they didn’t work out for Paulie.

Nicole had enough of the kitchen awkwardness. She finds Natalie and Michelle talking in one of the bedrooms. Nicole fills them in on the argument going on in the kitchen. She says they had an agreement. Corey/Nicole are guilty by association and “It suuuuucckkks.”

The kitchen arguing wasn’t enough for Paulie. He pulls Paul aside and asks him if he knew (Victor planned on nominating him.) Paul sticks to his signature I don’t know anything, I’m floating through the house aimlessly routine. Paul says it’s a slap in the face for Paulie to doubt him. Paulie asks if he (Paul) would pull him off the block if he chose Paul to play in the Veto Comp? Paul’s vague. Now Paulie knows he’s playing alone.

The fallout from Victor’s nominations continue. But wait! Paulie and Corey have some kind of male bonding moment with crying! Paulie says if he wins the veto he’s using it on Corey instead of himself. Paulie’s never watched previous seasons I guess! Corey doesn’t want him to do that. So even Corey, who has the intelligence of a pea, knows that’s a dumb move? Then Paulie goes into full breakdown mode. Kind of Vanessa-esq behavior?

Victor, Paulie, Corey, Paul, Nicole, and James. There were a few jokes to lighten the grim moment. Paulie picked hgs choice. He looked right at Michelle and asked her if she wants to play (in the comp.) Michelle thinks he’s teasing and says he needs to pick who he wants because he’s on the block. Paulie asks if he would pull her off and Michelle says no. Nicole thinks being picked means she could be the night and shining safety for her big lug Corey.

Paul wants to rattle Paulie before the comp. He has the bright idea to call Paulie out. They wanna do a little house (minus Corey/Nicole) on 1 to make Paulie super nervous and less likely to win the comp. Everyone agrees. It could be a play from the Calafiore book.

It’s goin’ down in the kitchen. Paul puts his game face on. Let the rattling begin. He says Paulie grills him all the time. He never trusted Paul and that sucks. Michelle says Paulie manipulated everyone. Paulie flips it and says Michelle’s the manipulator. Michelle has super powers. She convinced his entire alliance to turn on him. James and others look at Paulie like he’s lost it. They think Michelle’s pretty much a straight shooter. She breaks it down to Mr. Hot Stuff. He’s never going to be Derrick or Cody. Paulie’s douchey fight attack on Natalie comes back and bites him in the butt. Michelle’s so savage. Paul says “f**k me.” Michelle says not “f**K you because you aren’t on the block.”

It’s baaaaaaack! The moment we’ve waited for since June. Zingbot returns! Everyone stops whatever they’re doing (or not doing) and runs to the living room! Michelle and Natalie give Zingbot a hug. Michelle calls getting “zinged” a privilege for all superfans. Corey gets zinged about Nicole and vice versa. Zingbot may have picked up some Spanish because Victor’s zing has to do with a Spanish insult. James gets zinged about scaring Natalie’s parents. Paulie of course gets zinged about being a less attractive Cody. Michelle gets zinged about crying and throwing up all the time. Apparently Natalie has armpit hair? Who even looks at that? Paul got zinged about his catchphrases. Zingbot gave him a new one: Shut the f**k up!

Zingbot for President! This is a punishment/reward comp. No one leaves empty handed. Each round the hgs will launch their beanbag at the map. Each state has a number of electoral votes. The player with the fewest electoral votes will be eliminated. The eliminated houseguest will claim their campaign gift. The campaign gift can be stolen by players eliminated after them.

Paul won the Zingbot Secret Service job. When the siren sounds, he has to pat down all the hgs and make sure all 5 security checkpoints are safe. Paul has so much fun with it. James won 5k. Corey won a patriotard. He has to wear it for a week. Nicole won a vacation. Paulie has to bake apple pies for the rest of the season while waving a Zingbot presidential flag. He starts crying again. Victor won the POV!

Has Paulie persuaded Victor to use the POV? I don’t know why but right in the middle of the POV Ceremony the red alert sounds. Paul has to frisk all the houseguests. Then it gets serious again. Victor throws Paulie’s words back at him. “I can forgive but not forget.” He doesn’t use the Veto.

Tomorrow we find out if Paulie will be evicted. Is there a chance he’s holding the roundtrip ticket? Find out Thursday night!


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