Kelly Dodd Apologizes For Her Explosive Behavior At Meghan’s Dinner Party “I Acted Like A Raving Lunatic” #RHOC

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Things got real on the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Like, uncomfortably real. Kelly Dodd lost her ever-loving mind at the sushi restaurant. But before we get into that, let’s hit the rewind button.

Things started to simmer when Tamra Judge decided to stir things up. According to Kelly,

“In TV time it has been three weeks since the ’70s party… In real time, it was only a couple of days between me visiting Tamra at her house and the dinner at Kitiyama. When Tamra relayed the information that Nina Potter said I suck dick for money, it didn’t really bother me at first because it was such a ridiculous lie.”

But later, after talking it over with her husband, Michael, Kelly got angry over the comments. And then she met up with Vicki Gunvalson.

“Then Vicki comes over for dinner and I tell her what Tamra told me and she said, well Jolie may see it and other people who don’t know you may hear about it as well. Now I am doubly pissed.”

When the ladies met for sushi, Kelly was ready boil over and explode.

“So, at Kitiyama I was thinking about what Tamra had told me and Vicki‘s advice. I felt distraught and started to cry. Then, I wanted to lash out at the source of my pain. I was trying to explain to the ladies how hurtful Nina‘s comments were… So, I was explaining that I come from a good family, have a great work ethic, am financially secure and college educated. Shannon jumped in and criticized me when I said I went to college.”

Kelly claimed her anger issues were on full display.

“The show is called REAL Housewives. It’s real when I said I have anger management problems. My faults were on full display in this week’s episode. This was me at my worst.”

Things didn’t get any better when Tamra decided to voice her opinion.

Tamra jumped in and said if I dish it out, I have to be able to take it. She is right. When I called Tamra a dumb f***, it was a case of ready, aim, fire. I should have directed my anger at Shannon, but Tamra got caught in the crossfire.”

Kelly felt remorse over the situation, but she still managed to give Heather Dubrow a backhanded swipe.

“Losing my temper at the dinner party for Meghan was almost completely inexcusable. I acted like a raving lunatic… I also want to apologize to Meghan for ruining her special night. Clearly, I offended Heather‘s delicate sensibilities, so I apologize to her for that too.”

But Kelly doesn’t feel that was any reason for Heather to try and eject her from the party.

“So by now, dinner has gone loco. Heather said my behavior and the whole scene disgusted her. She had a good reason to be offended. Interestingly, Heather must think she is the CPO (Chief Protocol Officer) and self-appointed boss of this crew. Trying to kick me out of my friend’s party was uncalled for.”

Even though she apologized, Kelly blamed Shannon for the whole fiasco.

“For someone to get irate there usually has to be a triggering event. For me, it was the fact that I believe Shannon set me up by giving Jaci and Nina a forum to spread vicious lies about my character… Shannon denied it again at Kitiyama and continues to deny it to this day.”

Nevertheless, Kelly’s anger escalated quickly. But does she have a point? Did Nina’s remarks justify that display of temper or was Kelly out of control?


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