Jacqueline Laurita Nails Teresa Giudice For Being Delusional & In Denial #RHONJ

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On the latest episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, things in the kitchen got mighty hot when Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita met up to rekindle their friendship. Needless to say, it didn’t go well. Jacqueline gives us the play by play.

“I was excited about having Teresa and Joe over for dinner. I wanted us all to enjoy each other and have a good time like the good old days. I was hopeful we were on the right track to repairing the friendships we all had with each other.”

As soon as the men left the kitchen, things went south.

“I really wish you all could have seen everything that was said, but you can’t squeeze everything into one episode. I felt that Teresa had started poking at me right away.”

Teresa said she was through with toxic people and insinuated that Jacqueline might still fall under that category.

Teresa kept bringing up the past and how she felt she was wronged by everyone, but she conveniently forgot and took no accountability for what she has done to others… I quickly became annoyed by Teresa‘s lack of accountability…”

Teresa has never been one to admit to any wrongdoing. She always plays the victim.

“Nobody intentionally ganged up on her. We each had our own separate issues with Teresa and one had nothing to do with another’s, although there were some undeniable similarities we all experienced with Teresa‘s behavior.”

The two rehashed the night Jacqueline questioned Teresa about the tabloid stories. Teresa said she felt attacked by Jac and Caroline.

“On the night of my deck convo with Teresa, I honestly had no idea Caroline was coming over. Teresa and I had been on the deck talking for four hours prior to Caroline coming over! … Teresa told me she was getting paid to put out articles. Good for her for making some extra money. I didn’t care about that. I only cared when she was throwing the rest of us under the bus in those articles and in her books while she was doing it.”

Even now, Teresa claims the story about her going to jail wasn’t true. Huh?!

“I never knew which stories were the ones Teresa put out or even which ones were true or not, because Teresa wouldn’t talk about it. How would she expect me to know what’s real or not, or expect me not to worry about my friend… Clearly….it was true! Is she delusional or in denial or both?”

Then Teresa dragged her brother, Joe Gorga, into the conversation, saying he warned her that Jacqueline wasn’t a true friend.

“I decided to call Joe Gorga on the spot, because I wasn’t willing to play the “he said, she said” game. I felt that Joe and I were close enough as friends that I could call him directly, as I have in the past. I spontaneously decided to go straight to the source. I believed this was the only way the truth would come out and it wouldn’t continue to get twisted through the grapevine later on.”

When bringing up her brother didn’t work, Teresa tried to compare her own legal situation with Jacqueline’s bankruptcy. By that time, Jac had reached the end of her patience.

Teresa trying to bring up my husband’s legal issues involving his old company that was forced into a corporate bankruptcy in comparison to her and Joe‘s criminal case was totally ludicrous to me. She’s always trying to shift the spotlight on to someone else. There’s absolutely no comparison!”

Jacqueline let Teresa know she would never stoop to fraud.

“I had always talked openly about my husband’s company bankruptcy… There was no reason for Teresa to ask me questions about it, because I told her and everybody else I knew everything I knew about it. The point that I was trying to make by saying that Chris and I didn’t file a personal fraudulent bankruptcy…”

Besides the drama with Teresa, Jacqueline wants everyone to know her son, Nicholas, is now doing well.

“I know Joe Gorga wasn’t being malicious when he said he felt bad that my child isn’t healthy like their kids, but I do want him and others to know that just because my child has autism, it doesn’t mean he isn’t healthy… We just want acceptance… Nicholas brings us so much joy and love to our lives. He’s extremely intelligent. Even with the challenges, he makes us smile every day.”

Jacqueline’s mistake was that she tried to reason with a fool. That never turns out well.

What are your thoughts? Did Jacqueline do the right thing in confronting Teresa?


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