‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Tiarra Reveals Details About Her Ex-Con Husband Bryan — See Photos HERE!

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All About the Tea_'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Tiarra Reveals Her Ex-Con Husband Bryan On Instagram

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Tiarra aka Tia Becca, is finally revealing the face of the dude she recently married.

In the past on social media, Tia always covered up his face, but on LHHATL’s reunion part 2, the reality star finally shared a photo of her mystery husband, Brian.

'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Tiarra Reveals Her Ex-Con Husband Bryan On Instagram


According to sources, Brian is the mystery man in a leaked sex tape of Tia, an ex-member of the gang Black Mafia Family. Additionally, Brian was recently released from prison after serving eight years on a cocaine charge. But not to worry because Tia says Brian is a “really, really good guy” and a “producer” who managed several artists in the Atlanta area like Quiktrip and Rico Richie.


So what was the wedding like, you ask? Unfortunately Tia and Brian were forced to get married at the courthouse because his “not nice” probation officer wouldn’t allow Brian to travel to the beach. And if that isn’t proof of how “difficult” his P.O. is, she also wouldn’t allow Brian and Tia to live together until her background check came back clean. The nerve! But stay tuned for photos of the couple’s redo beach wedding because Tia says it will happen.

But there is good news for the couple. Tia has confirmed she is still with child, even though conflicting stories have appeared on the internet. Tia says her baby’s due date is January 12 and the pregnancy is causing her to feel tired and sleepy.

So how does Brian feel about Tia being on LHHATL? According to Tia, he “hates” it and thinks everyone is “disrespectful” to her. Even going as far to say that Brian “wishes she had never even had a baby by Scrapp.”   

“Then people, a lot of stuff that they say and that they do he just think it’s out of line and unnecessary,” Tia tells VH1, “but he’s supportive of the show (and probably the paychecks) and he likes the show within itself. He just don’t like nobody f**king with me.”


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