Teresa Giudice Defends Calling Prison A “Camp” & Sonja Morgan Talks Luann’s Fiancé’s Dishonesty

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Teresa Giudice Defends Calling Prison A Camp & Sonja Morgan Talks Luann's Fiance's Lies_watch-what-happens-live

On Watch What Happens Live, Teresa Giudice and Sonja Morgan joined Andy Cohen in the clubhouse. He naturally asked about tonight’s Real Housewives of New Jersey episode, where Teresa and Jacqueline Laurita tried to reunite their friendship, but wound up rehashing the past. When Teresa compared their financial hardships, Jacqueline quickly put Tre in her place, reminding the felon that she would never declare fraudulent bankruptcy. For Teresa, that was the final straw.

“First of all, you invite me to your home and then you say something like that? I mean, I was disappointed.”

We caught a sneak peek of the next Real Housewives of New York, where Sonja told Bethenny Frankel that she and Luann de Lesseps’ fiancé, Tom, slept with each other a mere two weeks before he hooked up with the Countess — while the two women were roommates.

“I’m still mad at Tom. I’m mean, he’s my friend. I’m entitled to be mad at him. We know each other for ten years. We’re good friends…he’s not fessing up to the full truth.”

Sonja questioned Teresa, asking her all about prison sex. The most popular clandestine destinations were in the woods and the bathroom stalls. Just in case you wanted to know.

Teresa explained why she refers to prison as “camp.”

“Because it’s called Danbury Prison Camp. And I don’t like the word prison, because really where I was, I wasn’t in a cell. There was [sic] no bars. Like, I wasn’t caged in. There was no wire fence on the outside. It really looked like a camp. Listen, I was away from my kids for eleven and a half months…”

Why was Sonja so upset that Luann hooked up with Tom when Ramona Singer dated him, too?

Ramona didn’t know that I was seeing Tom because, as I was saying, we were adults, doing what adults do… She had no idea. In fact, I was having lunch with Ramona, and she goes, ‘I’m seeing this guy, and I don’t know if I want to take it to the next level.’ She was very excited. That’s where the three date rule comes up. So when I found out about that, I said to Tom, ‘I can’t see you anymore, you’re seeing Ramona.’ I was just a lover.”

Teresa said she managed to hang onto her house amidst bankruptcy because she paid back the money she owed. She claimed both she and Joe are working. How he’s working while in prison, I haven’t figured out.

In a preview of next week’s RHONJ, Jacqueline and Melissa Gorga meet up for lunch. Melissa was angry that Jacqueline tried to get Joe in the middle of her and Teresa’s fight. Jacqueline defended her actions, saying Teresa was the one who brought Joe into the mix.

Before Luann’s engagement party, Ramona did her best to get Sonja worked up over the Tom situation. Sonja said:

“She’s always stirring the pot. I think she was brought up that way. She feels uncomfortable when she’s comfortable, so she likes everyone to be uncomfortable.”

Why is Teresa still so upset with her cousins, Kathy and Rosie, especially in light of the fact that Rosie was so close with Teresa’s husband, Joe?

“Well, you only saw what they showed on the cameras. So, let’s just leave it at that. They’re my family, so I don’t really want to talk about them.”

Sonja’s Tipsy Girl restaurant is getting ready to open soon. Is Bethenny on board or is she still holding a grudge?

“I think now Bethenny realizes it was more of an emotional response between two friends, and she felt blindsided. And I hadn’t seen her all summer. I was taken up with my daughter, and getting her ready for boarding school. We’re cool now. She’s very supportive of me.”

A caller pointed out that when Jacqueline brought up Teresa’s tabloid rumors, it ruined their friendship. New girl, Siggy Flicker, did the same thing, and Teresa didn’t explode. What’s the difference?

“With Siggy, I just met her. She was a brand new friend, so I don’t mind someone that you just met asking about something. Jacqueline was my longtime friend, I mean, we had a history together. My longtime friend would understand that that was all false. She wouldn’t ask me that. Jacqueline was the only one that asked me that. I think she was trying to plant a seed.”

Since Sonja’s vadge rejuvenation, her dating life hasn’t improved.

“I had the thing resurfaced, and it’s not getting too much action because I stopped seeing younger guys. When you date guys your age, you know, the three date rule goes out the window. You don’t really move so fast with guys your age because that’s a more serious thing. I have a reputation to maintain.”

Sonja revealed that she was once engaged to an Italian count. They lived together for six years, and that’s why she cleaned up in the Italian version of the night’s game, Name That Meat. See, people, this is what you miss when you don’t watch the show!

Why did Teresa walk off the Access Hollywood Live set?

“She was digging, and I thought the way she asked it was rude. There’s ways to ask questions. I didn’t like the way she…she was poking.”

Andy pointed out that he, himself, had asked the very same questions, and Teresa didn’t bat an eye. She gave him a pass because she has love for Andy.

Also, she’s no longer in touch with Kim G.

“She’s a nasty woman. The things that she put out on Twitter — I’m just saying, who wants to deal somebody like that, like an evil person like that.”

So, do you came out on top in the TeresaJacqueline fight? And will Sonja ever forgive Tom for stepping out with the Countess?


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