Brandi Glanville Attacks Lisa Vanderpump! Accuses ‘RHOBH’ Star of Ruining ‘Housewives’ Lives

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All About the Tea_Brandi Glanville Attacks Lisa Vanderpump Accuses The RHOBH Star of Ruining Housewives Lives

Like the one pesky blemish that just won’t go away, Brandi Glanville erupts once more to talk trash about her former gig on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her former friend, Lisa Vanderpump, in particular.

On Andy’s Girls podcast, Brandi spilled the tea on what goes on behind the scenes at Bravo. Apparently, all the freelance producers fear their jobs are in jeopardy if they don’t bring the drama — which creates a tense atmosphere. And as for those fabulous trips — Bravo pays for them — but that’s all they pay for.

“They pay for the trips and the travel, but not the parties. There’s a kind of a pressure to, like, entertain. You do spend up a lot of money that you make, because you don’t want to be the only one not throwing a party.”

She also mentioned how grueling the reunions are. They take hours to tape, and the women aren’t left alone for a minute. Not even to make a quick trip to the ladies’ room.

Over the course of the show, Brandi felt that Lisa received special treatment.

Andy loves her, and she has Andy’s ear. And beyond that, she always would say, ‘Well I have two hit shows…’ so we all felt that Lisa always had the power…She is an executive producer on Vanderpump Rules, so we all joke that she thought she was producing the Real Housewives too, but then it kind of seemed like she was… These two shows are her life.”

Brandi claimed Lisa was obsessed with strategizing.

“It was exhausting, to be honest. We couldn’t just go to dinner – it was dinner, let’s talk about the show, let’s talk about what’s gonna happen next, almost planning everything, and I was, like, ‘this is not how I roll.’ Cause I can’t plan what comes out of my mouth!”

Lisa agreed that Brandi’s mouth was a problem, once writing:

“I have never experienced, prior to meeting Brandi…, a woman exclaiming, ” I will knock your f*****g teeth out. It is ugly and uncalled for intimidating behavior that I found unnerving to watch.”

But Brandi is the one who sounds obsessed. Even though her time on the show is over, she can’t seem to let it go. She slammed Kyle Richards and Lisa in one of her own Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcasts, calling them “bitches” and “cowards.” Surprisingly, Lisa Rinna came to Kyle and LVP’s defense, tweeting that Brandi needs to move on. Agreed. And all this is tough talk for a woman who claims Lisa has the power to destroy lives.

“She’s not gonna go down. But I’m telling you the girls that cross her, she will come for them next season. And not just on the show – she will try to ruin their entire lives.”

Though Brandi showed her support for Eileen Davidson this past season, she had a word of warning for the soap star.

“I was really happily shocked that she was not putting up with [Lisa’s] crap. If Eileen is back, and I think she is, I have a feeling that Lisa will go out of her way to try and ruin Eileen’s life.”

Brandi never detailed just how the English entrepreneur would “ruin lives”, but Brandi tried to portray Lisa as a manipulative, scheming villainess. Still, Brandi claims she would come back, but only if she were in a relationship because the other women “pick on ‘The Single One.’”

I won’t be holding my breath waiting for her return. How about you?


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