‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: The Tables Have Turned On Paulie [Episode 25]

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All About the Tea_'Big Brother 18' Recap: The Tables Have Turned On Paulie [Episode 25]

Welcome to the first episode post double eviction madness. Zakiyah and Bridgette were sent packing. The house is flipping and flopping and the “Executives Alliance” may be over. Which Executive will fall victim to the first pink slip to the jury house?

After Julie says goodnight the house is just lit up with drama! Michelle’s crying for some odd reason, Paul’s puking, Paulie’s joking around with the girl he basically called a fake slut the night before and Nicole’s outraged Michelle put her snakey ways on blast. I don’t know, suddenly Nicole grew a pair. I have a sneaky suspicion it’s because she’s feeling way to comfortable underneath Corey every night. Just sayin. Michelle says she only put Nicole on blast because she was 99% sure she was leaving. Now that she survived, it’s going to be an awkward week.

Remember how I mentioned how Paulie went all douchey on Natalie and Bridgette? Well, the show decided to rehash it for the non-feeders watching but it’s sure to be very edited. It started with Natalie pulling Zakiyah aside on a girlfriend level to fill her in on her douchecane showmance Paulie. Paulie/Natalie were hiding and some lines were crossed or maybe bad jokes about making out. Paulie also made a “joke” about Natalie’s “Latin booty.” She also says Paulie was either the reason or part of the reason Zakiyah found herself on the block. After all the truths Natalie told, Zakiyah was in tears but she says she needed to be told. She appreciates Natalie being truthful.

Zakiyah appreciates Natalie SO much she spills the beans to Paulie. Paulie completely flips it all around on Natalie. Because it’s all Natalie’s fault of course. “He doesn’t like Jersey Girls.” Wait, where are you from Paulie?

Natalie continues filling the house in on Paulie’s true colors. She thinks James because he deserves to know. In true James fashion, he wants to get to the bottom of this. He’s protective over his showmance. He pulls Paulie into the HN room to “holler about some stuff.” Paulie says flirting is strategy. He compliments all the girls. Then he gives James an ominous warning about how Jersey girls can eat up the country folk.

All this comes to a blow when Paulie can’t contain himself any longer. He’s ready to eat the Jersey Girl up like a shark. When Natalie says he goodnight to Paulie he makes a threat. Michelle will be leaving and you’ll be next. DUN DUN DUNNNN! Then he says she’s “as fake as the things on her chest.” (Meaning her breast implants.) Natalie compliments Paulie on being a good guy. Kind of hard to follow that up with insults.

Natalie tells her fellow houseguests about Paulie’s insulting fake comment. Bridgette is shocked. (Don’t know why.) James is outraged about how some of the guys talk about and to the girls in the house. He decides to confront Paulie on this because in the south they treat women with more respect than that. Paulie actually admits making that comment. He basically calls Natalie a fake flirt kind of bordering on calling her a slut.  

Zakiyah has to run down to get Natalie since the entire house is talking about her. So, Natalie joins the HOH maylee. She wants to know why he insulted her the way he did. Paulie completely flips it around again on Natalie. How did this become about Natalie’s flirtation instead of Paulie’s very offensive comments? You’ll have to ask him because it looks like a douche level deflection of his obvious misogynist comments. Paulie hates feminists so I had to put that hat on for a minute. Paul’s sitting there with his Cheetos watching the drama unfold. When Natalie gets enough of Paulie’s attacks she walks out. Paulie and his shadow Corey, who has the intelligence of a box, slowclaps like a bunch of seals.

“Team PP” is in danger! Paul watched the whole thing between Paulie and Natalie go down. He’s starting to question Paulie’s character. He says Paulie’s a ticking timebomb. He can’t keep his cool and he’s super aggressive. Paul doesn’t think he can trust Paulie. He’s ready to distance himself from Paulie. It’s best for his game.

Bridgette finally found her balls! She calls Paulie out on his offensive comment. Bridgette says in her opinion he was acting defensive. Paulie says he doesn’t feel guilty. He feels nothing. Now this Bridgette I like! Too bad we didn’t see enough of this.

Now that the Double Eviction is over, James needs to talk to Paulie. Right before the live show James told Paulie he was voting out Zakiyah. Paulie didn’t take it too well. Of course, Nicole has to tattle and try to put James on blast because that’s how snakey she is. She asks James if he’s voting for Michelle and James says to Paulie “I’m clippin’ your girl.” James doesn’t believe in blindsides. He’s standing behind his girl. It’s Texas code. Paulie walks out of the room to find Paul. Paul has to play the dumb card. Better for his game. It works for him. Paulie’s not done with James. He has to start round 2. Ahhh the real Paulie shows again. But Post Double Eviction Paulie is so apologetic. He got caught up in the drama. Sure you did. Paulie’s burning bridges left and right.

Victor and Paul are the the new and improved “Team PP.” They’re right where they need to be. In the middle of the house. Clear cut floaters. Paul even has a duck floatie. They have some lame dance and handshake. They remind me of The Quackpack.

Paul wants to make sure his bases are covered with Paulie. The past is the past right? Paulie doesn’t trust his former alliance buddy. He only trusts the Corey. The guy who laughed when his friend set (almost?) a goat on fire and almost started a forest fire with fireworks. He’s like Beavis and Paulie’s Butthead. Paul’s tip toeing around Paulie because he’s a little crazy and unpredictable. BUT Paul’s plan is to win HOH and put Paulie on the block!

After all that drama, it’s finally time to play the HOH Comp. “Hollywood Squirrels” starring Benny The Squirrel. Here’s how it works: Two players will face off against eachother. They’ll be asked a question about a grid of Benny’s. First to ring in with the correct answer will eliminate their opponent. They will select the next 2 players to face off. Last player standing wins HOH. Victor wins HOH again. Paulie thinks this is another week of smooth sailing. *snicker*

Victor and Paul have been straddling both sides of the house. Now that Victor has power, they have to show their cards. Can’t let Paulie know that. He still thinks he runs the house. Paul’s sitting there with a smile like he agrees with Paulie. But the real strategy talk is later in the bathroom between Paul and Victor. Paul wants Vic to put up Corey and Paulie. That guarantees one of them goes home. Victor is worried about the heat. Time to climb out of Paulie’s butt and think about their own game. Victor finally gets onboard. He’s holding a grudge because Paulie backdoored him. If one of them wins POV, Nicole will be the replacement nom.

Now that Victor and Paulie have decided, they need to spread out and get everyone else onboard. They start with James who could be an easy sell based on how Paulie treated his showmance. They gotta be strong because they were being played like fools. Victor is worried but he has Paul in his ear reminding him one of them is leaving Thursday.

Special delivery! Another America’s Care Package arrives from the sky! It’s Nicole’s turn. She wins “super safety.” She’s safe from everything this week but she has to wear a costume. Thanks America!

What special nomination speech does Victor have in store this week? Nada. He nominates Paulie and Corey. The tables have turned. Paul’s always entertaining. He does a blindsided DR dance! Am I sad Paulie turned on the tears? Nah.

Who will win POV on Weds? Will Paulie be “fist pumping” his way to the jury house? Find out On Weds night.

Catch up on the real unedited drama. Not too late to buy the live feeds on CBS!



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