‘Nice Anklet! Did You Make That At Camp?’ Jacqueline Laurita BLASTS Teresa Giudice In Explosive ‘RHONJ’ Deleted Scenes [EXCLUSIVE]

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All About the Tea_-Jacqueline Laurita BLASTS Teresa Giudice In Explosive RHONJ Deleted Scenes

Real Housewives of New Jersey returns tonight — and according to a preview, things are finally heating up between Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice. However, viewers will only see a snippet of the frosty exchange between the longtime frenemies. AllAboutTheTea.Com is exclusively letting the juicy details out of the bag — all blacked out by the Bravo editing machine. 

In a Bravo preview clip of tonight’s new episode below, Teresa and Jacqueline are hashing out old times — and Teresa implies that Jacqueline needs to mind her own beeswax, and tend to her own legal affairs.

“You were going through legal issues, and I never asked you a question,” Teresa says.

“Mine wasn’t a criminal case. I wouldn’t file a fraudulent bankruptcy like you did,” Jacqueline responds, adding, “it’s totally different.”

Teresa dramatically states that Jacqueline hit below the belt, calling the comment “a low blow,” and a refreshed feud is born.

An on set insider spoke exclusively to AllAboutTheTea.Com about what really was said between Jacqueline and Teresa — and it’s no wonder that Bravo axed the heated debate!

The source spills that Jaqueline UNLEASHED on Teresa, but most of the good stuff was cut, due to the juicy convo not meshing with Teresa and her sis-in-law’s post-prison love-fest.

Teresa was jabbing at Jacqueline non-stop, not taking accountability, playing victim,” begins the insider.

“Teresa was bragging about how she had forgiven Melissa, after she had been attacked. Jacqueline pointed out that Melissa had also forgiven Teresa — which seemed to confuse her. Teresa asked ‘For what? I didn’t do anything to her!’ dishes the production source. “That’s when Jacqueline launched!”

According to our source, Jacqueline ran down the list of Teresa’s offenses against Melissa — in a simply epic-sounding rant.

“Jacqueline said….’Teresa, come on. You called her a gold digger, told everyone she was a stripper, sabotaged her appearances, told people not to work with your brother — you arranged to have people come on the show who said she cheated on your brother,’” the insider spills.

The source alleges that the list went on and on — with all of the dirt eventually landing on Bravo’s cutting room floor.

“You deliberately refused to endorse clothing companies that gifted Melissa, and shut down venues that wanted Melissa, with threats to withdraw yourself. Those companies knew that you had a bigger following than Melissa,” the source continues. “Jacqueline said, ‘You made fun of her face, you told her she copies you, your thew out her sprinkle cookies, you helped turn your parents against her…need I go on?’”

Another source close to Jacqueline is also weighing in on the filmed turning point, explaining that Jacqueline had already discussed Chris Laurita’s corporate bankruptcy at length with Teresa. This disclosure raises a  question asking why Teresa chose to throw such a random remark into the mix.   

“There was absolutely no reason for Teresa to bring Chris’ corporate bankruptcy into that conversation,” notes the Laurita insider. “Jac and Tre have already talked all about it. Comparing the honestly disclosed info to learning about Teresa’s criminal escapades in a tabloid, is just nonsense.”

The family friend also spills that Teresa takes another swing at Jacqueline, accusing her of causing trouble between her and her brother Joe.

“Teresa gets it twisted. She blasts Jacqueline for trying to cause trouble between her and her brother — when it was Teresa, who tried to turn Jacqueline against Joe, knowing that they were friends,” explains the source. “Teresa and Joe said a lot of nasty things about each other, back when the backbiting was going on. Teresa brings the whole topic up first, then tries to nail Jacqueline — typical Teresa.”

The Bravo source saves the best part for last.

“When Teresa was leaving the house, Jacqueline said ‘Nice anklet! Did you make that at camp?’ Jacqueline was furious at Teresa for taking no accountability — for anything.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey train resumes tonight at 8:00 pm ET on Bravo — unfortunately we won’t see Jacqueline’s gold medal rant! 


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