‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Star Emily “Right Cheek” Fernandez Mourns The Death of Her Newborn Son

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Emily “Right Cheek” Fernandez Mourns the Loss of Her Newborn Son

Very sad news for Little Women of Atlanta’s Emily Fernandez aka “Right Cheek.”

Her newborn son, JJ, passed away after a long hospital stay — while still under doctor’s care, JJ suffered from seizures and breathing problems.

Emily kept fans up to date on her Instagram page where she shared pics of her baby with his father, Lontel Sr. Days before her son passed, she wrote a touching note about how much JJ and his dad meant to her. JJ was only three months old.


After Emily gave birth to JJ by C-section, he was immediately rushed to NICU for emergency treatments. Little Women of Atlanta kept us updated on JJ’s progress. As he gained weight, Emily remained hopeful that she’d be able to take him home.

On the latest episode, Emily was still visiting JJ in the hospital every day. While the other castmates were in Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, Emily met up with her friend and shared her pain over the heartbreaking situation. Though JJ continued to grow, few details are known about his condition. Emily shared this on Instagram.

“No one will ever know the pain you suffer and even I can only imagine you look so peaceful and healthy on the outside I wish I could jus make everything on the inside just as healthy…… Your sister, daddy and I pray for you ever night dude and we won’t stop till your better.”


But on Friday night she let fans know that JJ had passed, “I will never be the same after today.”


In the days since, Emily continues to share pictures and posts showing herself with JJ. She’s asked for prayers for herself and her family. Fans have been responding by showing their love and support as they, too, mourn for baby JJ.

We’d like to offer our sympathies to Emily and her family.


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