‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: The First Double Eviction, Brings Trouble [Episode 24]

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Welcome to the first double eviction of the Summer. You know what that means! Double the BB, double the drama and double the number of times Chenbot says “But first.” Let’s get down to it because there’s so much to cover. Remember the roundtrip ticket is still floating around, so a potential return is still possible!

Paulie’s been in a showmance with Zakiyah all summer. When he won the POV you’d think he save her. But he didn’t. He kept the nominations the same. Paulie’s confident the house will follow his lead and send Michelle off to the jury. Natalie and Bridgette finally wake up to reality. Paulie’s the house dictator and everyone else follows like sheep. They both want Michelle to stay so it’s time to start scheming. The edit says Bridgette’s the one who originally wanted to flip the house. Is that true? Eh. No, but I’ll go with it for now because Bridgette’s less annoying without Frank. Michelle joins them. Meet the new (and improved) Spy Girls! Michelle realizes she only needs 3 votes this week because James has his special power.

Another team PP meeting in the bathroom. Paul’s cool with sending Michelle to the jury house. They need to focus on bigger targets next week. Paulie’s big target is get this…Natalie! What the…? Paul vetoes that idea right away. He says it’s a waste and it puts him at risk. Paul was okay with taking out people who weren’t necessarily after him but that has to change. He wants to make serious strategic moves. Nicole and Zakiyah’s name gets thrown out there. Paul’s been scratching Paulie’s itches for weeks. Now he has an itch but Paulie’s not willing to scratch. Paul realizes he’s fooling himself with this whole “P&P” twinsie thing.

On the other side of the house Michelle’s campaigning! She’s pitching her game to James and Natalie. James is in the Executives alliance but sending Michelle home isn’t necessarily good for his game. He’s seriously considering how to use his special power.
Bridgette- Tag your it! The campaigning continues. Bridgette comes and asks Natalie if she wants to have a waxing party. Of course it turns into game talk instead. James realizes Natalie and Bridgette are heading the save Michelle campaign. James is ready to stir the pot and play Big Brother. America are you ready?

The conversation with Paul starts with “Everyone’s getting boned in this house.” Well then. James is pumped now. He says his fans gave him the power to shake things up. They’ve been taking out people targeting Paulie. Bridgette says she asked Paulie who he trusts most in the house but he didn’t say Paul. He said Corey. Talk about a game changer. Paul’s pissed and friendship’s out the window. Paul jumped onboard the screw Paulie train. How will James use his power? James wants to cancel Paul/Corey’s votes.
Julie says the drama factor has been off the charts crazy up until the time they went live. BUT they have too much to do and a limited amount of time. It’s time to get this double eviction on the road.

The save me speeches were exciting thanks to Michelle. Zakiyah gives the typical thanks and I had a good time speech Yawn! Michelle, on the other hand, is a little firecracker! She took the opportunity to reveal uninterrupted truths. She called Paulie out for running the house and everyone else followed like a bunch of sheep under his spell. There was some stuff Paulie said last night about Natalie that Michelle referenced to.

Little FYI for all non-feeders: Paulie said Natalie was as fake as her breasts. To get the details check out the BB websites. They follow the feeds religiously. The house was blown the hell up last night and Paulie’s true colors were shown. Newsflash: He’s a disgusting pig.
So the voting begins. Paulie, Nicole, and Corey vote to evict Michelle. Everyone else votes to evict Zakiyah. James cancelled Corey/Paul’s votes. Zakiyah was evicted.

Zakiyah joined chenbot on stage. She didn’t have the roundtrip ticket. She won’t be returning to the game. Zakiyah’s sad Paulie didn’t save her but he had to do what’s best for his game. She doesn’t get it. He played her. Most of the questions revolved around Paulie and Zakiyah’s unrealistic belief they’ll fall in love and get married after the show’s over. The interview ended with Zakiyah saying she loved the game and has zero regrets. Did she even play the game?

The HOH Comp is called “Statcathlon.” Julie will read numerical statistics based on the season. They have to answer is the real statistical number is more or less. SHOCKER! Corey won HOH.

Corey gets his “alliance” together to quickly strategize and ask their opinions. Corey nominated Bridgette and Michelle. Corey, Michelle, Bridgette, Paul, Nicole and James are tonight’s POV Comp players. This competition is called “Veto Time.” When Julie says go the hgs will race across their lane, over an obstacle and into their ball pit. Buried inside the ball pits are 3 clocks. (One at a time) They have to find their three clocks and place them in their clock holders. First houseguest to place all three veto clocks then retrieve their final colored veto and buzz in will win the POV.

Corey won the POV and predictably kept the nominations the same.Bridgette/Michelle’s save me speeches! Bridgette gave the exact same speech yet again. Michelle continued to be a little firecracker. Who did she call out? Nicole! She called Nicole a snake. Jozea, Da’vonne and Tiffany were right. She tried to make a deal with Michelle right before the double eviction. Don’t trust her! YES Michelle! Hallelujah thank you!

Everyone except Natalie voted to evict Bridgette. Bridgette was the second person evicted from the BB18 house tonight. Bridgette had a one way trip ticket. She won’t return to the game. Michelle’s crying inside the house. She’s surprised they kept her after she pretty much blew up Nicole/Paulie’s game. Bridgette was shocked and confused by her eviction. Julie asks her if she thinks she got the boot because she exposed Paulie’s game. She says “Probably?”

Tune in Sunday to find out who won HOH. On Wednesday the POV will be played. Will one of the nominees be saved? On Thursday another houseguest will be sent to the Jury House. There will be a special Friday episode next week. Julie’s lips were sealed on those details.

There’s been a lot of drama on the feeds lately! Don’t miss out! Check them out on CBS.


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