EXCLUSIVE: Sonja Morgan Dishes On “Greedy” Dorinda & Ramona Hogging All The Camera Time!

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Sonja Morgan Dishes On Greedy Dorinda Ramona Hogging All The Camera Time

Sonja Morgan got “Tipsy” at the beginning of the eighth season of The Real Housewives of New York — and was shut out because of it. 

Bethenny “Skinnygirl” Frankel was insulted by Morgan‘s boozy business move, so the other ladies had to choose between their love for Sonja, and their love for the camera. Sonja recently spoke to AllAboutTheTea.Com, sharing disappointment in her old friend, Ramona Singer, for hanging her out to dry, behind her back. 

Ramona’s eye was on screen time, and she joined Carole Radziwill and Dorinda Medley, cosigning Bethenny at every turn. So how does Sonja feel about being shortchanged, and how does she view the cast camera grabs? 

“When it comes to airtime, I believe that there is enough for everyone to shine. We are an ensemble cast. My wish is that everyone would all do well together,” Sonja commented. 

Sonja notes that while Ramona treated her like a doormat, Dorinda Medley also played a part in her isolation from the cast.  

Ramona’s lack of support to grab attention was just sad. Dorinda was greedy too,” Sonja said.

Sonja dishes that better times are ahead — commenting that she has “a great season coming up.” 

It was obvious to fans that Bethenny had the cast scampering to please — and if that meant jabbing at a fan favorite, so be it. Sonja chose to keep sharp, removing alcohol from the picture — but the decision didn’t invite bonus cast interaction. Sonja had a rough season, but certainly learned much about reality TV friendships.


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