Police Called To Jules Wainstein’s House As Divorce Drama Explodes! #RHONY

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The martial war between Michael and Jules Wainstein took an ugly turn this week, according to a report by Page Six.

A source told the outlet that The Real Housewives of New York star “went insane,” and called 911 on her estranged husband, Wednesday morning. 

“She started screaming, ‘I will get you out of this house!’ As he was walking out the door with their son, she screamed, ‘You hit me!’ ” a source close to Michael claims.

A friend of Juliane’s disputes that account, and tells a different story.  

“That did not happen. He ran out naked in front of his son and daughter. He did something s - - - ty in front of their son. The lawyers are well aware. She’s at court getting a restraining order.”

Michael was not at the home when police arrived, and no charges were filed.

Michael, 44, was caught embroiled in an alleged affair with NYC psychologist, Elyse Bensusan, 36, which triggered the split. Michael technically resides in the family home, but supposedly spends the bulk of his time in an apartment shared with his mistress. A source told Page Six that “his kids never see him — he is never home.” 

Michael’s rep denies rumors that his client has “knocked up” his side piece, and maintains that Michael was “brutalized” by Jules in the past. 

Jules’ rep promises that the truth about the latest drama will be clarified soon. 

“[Michael’s] story [of the 911 call] is being recalled incorrectly. It will all come out in a couple of weeks.”

The Wainsteins are set to appear in court for divorce proceedings, September 8th


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