‘Little Women: Atlanta’ RECAP: Ms. Juicy Faces Minnie and Tammie In Court

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We last left off with Chris and Amanda with Andrea at the hospital due to massive contractions. The doctor feels it is too soon for Andrea to deliver, so he prescribes Procardia (Nifedipine) to slow down the contractions. Amanda continues to calm her sister by telling her she is throwing a reveal party — to reveal if the baby will be average size or a little person. She keeps the results in her Michael Kors bag and hides them from Andrea and Chris.

Because they didn’t turn up enough at Black Bikers’ Week in Myrtle Beach, Monie and Bri are on their way to another affair hosted by Ms. Juicy called Mayfest, to turn up some more. Ms. Juicy calls them on stage and Bri twerks. Later, Ms. Juicy takes them to her pimped out trailer to show them how the Queen of Atlanta lives. They reminisce about BBW. Ms. Juicy says to Monie “I guess you and Morlin have an open relationship,” due to Monie’s behavior where her forehead made out with a pen*s at BBW. Monie says Morlin may not like what she did but what happens in Myrtle Beach stays in Myrtle Beach. Okay. To keep things classy, Ms. Juicy plans another outing for the ladies that involves drinking — a winery! Bri loves this idea and says she will bring Melissa. Monie doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Ms. Juicy suggest Melissa comes, but bring her boxing gloves. They discuss the upcoming court hearing regarding chicken wing gate. Ms. Juicy says she is trying to make an example out of Tammy because you just can’t go around throwing chicken wings on a Queen for your grown ass daughter and get away with it.

Speaking of Minnie, she is meeting Morlin to get an engagement ring for Monie. Say what now? I guess Morlin didn’t get the memo that Minnie is persona non grata. After looking at several rings, Minnie tries on and picks out a cushion cut surrounded by more diamonds for Monie. It is a nice looking ring, but I don’t think Monie is going to be happy that Minnie tried on her ring before she did. #MorlinYaSweetBigDummy

It appears Wooda, Bri’s deadbeat boyfriend who cheats on her, is back. He meets up with Bri, their son Malik and his other son by another baby mama, Woody, at the park. He does a Jedi mind trick on Bri and convinces her to let him move back into her place “so his sons can live together as a family.” Bri falls for this bullshit and agrees. Bri feels like a boss because now they will be a respectful family. #BigDummyNo.2

Speaking of big, Tammy and Minnie are on their way to the courthouse. Tammy is pissed that she had to take off from her “damn good job” to go to court over chicken wings. Searched the net to find out her position as a rocket scientist. I got nothing. Minnie tells her mom to try to control herself. Tammy says if she sees Ms Juicy she will keep it together, although she really wants to punch her in the neck. #JustViolent. They meet up in front of the judge’s courtroom. Tammy barks at Ms. Juicy “ I had to miss work for this!” Ms. Juicy walks to the other side to avoid the Wilderbeast. Because no cameras are allowed in the courtroom we hear the results via Minnie and Tammy: the motion was dismissed due to lack of evidence to prove the chicken wings were tossed with malicious intent. Ms. Juicy explains it was dismissed because apparently in Atlanta you get at least two chances to toss chicken wings onto someone until it is considered an offense. Tammy, who shows absolutely no remorse, jokes and quotes Johnny Cochran by saying “if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit! Yep you are as innocent as O.J. #Shameful.

Ms. Juicy meets Monie at a bar for an after court drink. Ms. Juicy feels Minnie still owes her an apology because what her mother did, based on Minnie’s lies, was simply wrong. Monie tells Ms. Juicy next time call her for back up. Ms. Juicy tells Monie she is too hood and that would be like pouring gasoline on a campfire. She no longer wants to discuss Tammy and Minnie because they are “e-relevant” to her. Bottoms up!

Bri and Malik are checking on Emily’s apartment while she is away in Dallas with baby JJ. Bri face time with Emily and learns that JJ is making progress and eating more. #Yay!

Minnie meets Ms. Juicy to start apology tour 2016, sans mama. Ms. Juicy says she just wants to work things out because their circle is too small for all this foolishness. Minnie agrees yet feels it was wrong for Ms. Juicy to file a restraining order against her mama. Ms. Juicy basically tells Minnie “have you seen yo momma, Big Foot?” They both laugh and agree to squash the beef. Minnie then apologizes for everything. Ms. Juicy accepts it but warns her the next time you call yo mama, I’m going to call mine.

It’s moving-back-in day for Wooda and his son Woody at Bri’s place. They discuss the upcoming trip to the winery. Wooda isn’t too keen on babysitting his kids while Bri is away turning up at a winery. #BoyBye

Amanda is decorating the venue for the reveal party. Everyone arrives, except Melissa because I can assure you Amanda did not invite her. Minnie reminds us of her delusion by saying this party is bittersweet because she thinks of the baby she and Pastor Troy lost. #GetSomeHelp. Amanda has a cute way of disclosing if the baby will be average size or a little person. She brings out a gift box and tells them it will have either a full cake inside (for an average person) or a cupcake (which would denote a little person). Drumroll…it’s a cupcake! Andrea is very happy the baby will be a little person because Andre won’t feel left out and will have someone, like she does. Aww.

Later Chris, Andrea, Jordan and Amanda are frolicking in the pool. Chris calls his pregnant girlfriend Andrea, Shamu. #Bastard. Amanda doesn’t like how Chris treats her sister. Andrea says it’s all good because she knows she looks good pregnant. To prove it, she is sporting a bikini. #GoGurl. They get out of the pool and face time their mom to tell her the baby will be a little person. Their mom is not too happy about it because that means the baby will have health issues, but she is very supportive and will be there for Andrea.

Melissa and Bri are driving together to the winery. Melissa feels that “bitches just better shut up and drink.” Ah you may want to take your own advice lady. Bri says she just wants to keep it classy. At the winery Monie is getting toasted and pours herself extra wine during the tastings. Amanda is all “what the hell is the new girl Melissa doing here?” Melissa realizes things are just too peaceful so she decides to stick her big nose into the mix again. She starts out by asking Andrea how is she feeling, how’s the pregnancy, etc. Then she goes for the kill and asks “can you work with your sister while pregnant? Are you still twerking?” #Subtle. Andrea responds she hasn’t been able to twerk. Amanda then asks Melissa does she twerk? Melissa tells her she doesn’t twerk because she is a model and the modeling world is more respected than the twerking world. Hello Melissa meet your BFF Bri, a/k/a Left Cheek the Supreme Twerker. #Hypocrite. Amanda says she can twerk if she wants to and who asked her? Melissa is like a dog with a bone and decides to address their boyfriends, Jordan and Chris, and asks them directly how do they feel about the twins twerking. #OhNoSheDidn’t! Instead of remaining quiet like Jordan (Amanda has him trained), Mr. Sensitive non-having- job ex-con Chris pipes up and says he doesn’t like Andrea twerking especially now that she is having his second child. She’s 30 yo! Way to have her back Chris. That’s all it takes and now Andrea goes off on Melissa. Andrea asks her who the hell do you think you are and why are you questioning my man about my phuckin business? She then tells her to mind her business. Melissa says “well it was just an opinion and everyone has opinions.” I was waiting for the “everyone has assholes too” retort, but no…they missed it. Instead, Amanda chimes in and says Melissa needs to get laid. Ms. Juicy asks for Jesus to take the Wheel. I’m sure the twins just wish he would take Melissa.

On the way through the vineyards to explore the grapes, Morlin thinks this is the perfect opportunity to propose to Monie. He starts telling her how much he loves her and wants to be with her forever. A buzzed Monie tells him she wants to get back to drinking. Morlin then drop down on one knee and proposes. Minnie looks on like “aw damn he didn’t include me in Monie’s moment.” Monie says yes! They all join around to congratulate her and then Monie drops the bomb and ask Ms. Juicy to be her Maid of Honor. Minnie is crushed. #Karma

Back at their house, Morlin is singing, scrambling eggs, making bacon and baking biscuits for his bride to be. He brings her breakfast in bed. #Sweet. Morlin then starts confessing that while buttering the biscuits, he hoped to butter up Monie because he took Minnie to pick out her engagement ring. Bad Move Morlin. He tries to justify it by saying he felt sorry for Minnie. Monie cusses him out, tosses the breakfast with juice onto Morlin and tells him since he feels so sorry for Minnie, maybe he should marry Minnie. To Be Continued.

Next week: Morlin attempts to ask Monie’s father for her hand in marriage and Minnie has the audacity to discriminate against Monie because she is not a real little person. The horror!

Was Morlin dead ass wrong for taking Minnie to pick out Monie’s engagement ring? Did Tammy get off too easy? Was Monie wrong to pick Ms. Juicy as her Maid of Honor? Will Melissa learn to stay out of folks business?


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