Heather Dubrow Backs Shannon Beador In Feud With Kelly Dodd #RHOC

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Heather Dubrow RHOC 2016

Heather Dubrow’s Real Housewives of Orange County blog is always short and filled with plugs for her other gigs, such as hosting Botched: Post Op. But let’s be fair — since Terry is gone so much, maybe that’s her way of getting quality time with the doc.

This past week, Heather and Meghan Edmonds scampered off to Washington D.C. so that Meghan could give a speech for the prevention of colorectal cancer.

“…I’m so proud of Meghan and our trip to DC was incredible! The people we met, the amazing survivor stories and watching the #FightCRC team in action was a moving experience.”

Meghan may have looked anxious, but Heather assures us her girl did well.

“…she pulled off an amazing motivational speech! There was a celebration that night where Meghan was honored for her work with #FightCRC and it was wonderful to be there and support her and this worthy cause.”

As the Kelly/Shannon battle rages on, Heather is careful not to take sides.

“…I thought Kelly’s mom gave Kelly great advice. In the same situation, I may have balked at my mother and said “you don’t understand.” But Kelly took her advice to heart and reached out Shannon.”

Unfortunately, both ladies came to the table with different expectations.

“Difficult situation when you meet up and you’re both expecting an apology from the other one.”

The situation went from bad to worse when Kelly aggressively questioned Shannon, who in turn, yelled shrilly at the café. Who cares if the people next to her were trying to calmly eat their salad?

“This lunch did not go well and I’m not sure where they go from here. I appreciated Kelly admitting she has an anger problem, but I think she should also realize that drinking a bottle of wine at lunch when you’re discussing a sensitive situation is not the best idea.”

Well, maybe Heather is taking sides — just a little.

So, are you having Bravo withdrawal this week? I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to that crazy dinner party in the next episode. What is a Housewife dinner without drama?


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