‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Who Won POV & Did They Use It? [Episode 23]

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'Big Brother 18' Recap: Who Won POV & Did They Use It? [Episode 23]

Welcome to Big Brother. The boys took over. HOH Victor nominated Zakiyah and Michelle and not in a nice “this is strategy” kind of way. King Victor releases his royal subjects after the nomination ceremony. Shocker! Michelle’s crying. Zakiyah’s taking it rather well at this point. Maybe she thinks her flirtmance with Paulie will save her. Victor is gloating at his cruelty. He wanted to “have fun and stir the pot.”
Michelle goes into full meltdown mode. She doesn’t know what she’s doing wrong. She’s a fan of the show. Boo freaking hoo stop that already Michelle.

Apparently Corey and Paul think Victor’s nomination speech was hilarious. Paulie, Paul, Common Corey (who has a thought once a week) and James go into one of the bedrooms and do some kind of victory dance that make them look like big douchetards. “The best nomination speech ever?” Well, clearly they don’t know their Big Brother history. That speech wasn’t funny or “the best.” It was mean and douchey. While the boys think Victor’s a big clown, the girls go to comfort a sobbing Michelle. After finishing his victory dance, Paul and the douchetards decide to grow a heart and talk to a devastated Michelle. Can these people be more fake with their sympathy? Step away from the crying girl please. I can’t take anymore fakeness. Michelle managed to pull her thoughts together enough to throw some names out there and call Victor a coward.

Paul takes the opportunity to make his case to Victor. He wants Zakiyah gone so bad he can taste it. Suddenly Paul’s some kind of Big Brother Jedi Master or something. Over a month ago that fool was blindly following the delusional Big Brother Messiah. He wants Victor to lay low and let the rest of his alliance make the girls feel safe and comfortable. Paulie and Zakiyah stick around the Safari Room to catch up on some game talk. He wants Michelle gone because she threw his name out there in anger. Zakiyah says she’s just going to keep her trap shut. She asks Paulie if she should be panicking. Paulie says she shouldn’t panic unless she loses the Veto. He asks Zakiyah to pick her. Zakiyah says she’ll pick him if he’ll use it to save her. Paulie says he would. Zakiyah thinks Paulie’s acting shady. She doesn’t trust him. Zakiyah and Michelle check in about what’s been going on in the house. They start putting the pieces of the shady Paulie puzzle together. Why isn’t Paulie pissed Victor nominated Zakiyah? Instead of being the friend Michelle so desperately needs right now, Zakiyah decides to add some fuel to the fire.

Zakiyah’s in the backyard organizing the pool balls with her boothang Paulie. They’re alone in the backyard. Perfect time to talk some game. Zakiyah fills Paulie in on Michelle’s suspicions. Michelle was asking if Paulie had advanced notice Victor was nominating Zakiyah. Zakiyah’s fishing for some info and she’s throwing Michelle’s name out there. She’ll do anything at this point to shift the target off her back. It’s “PP time.” Prepare to vomit. They agree everyone will go along with any decision they make. Paul wants Zakiyah to go. She’s stronger than Michelle. Paulie wants Michelle to go first. She operates on jealousy and attention. Paul disagrees. Michelle is an emotional player. Zakiyah holds it together emotionally. She’s also stronger competition wise. Michelle’s a timebomb. If Zakiyah wins HOH she’ll become Paulie’s lapdog. It turns into a “PP” debate. Both holding onto their positions.

Since he’s not agreeing with his twin at this point, Paulie has to go to plan B. He needs more people to see things his way. Zakiyah needs to stay. James is Paulie’s first stop. America did give James that nifty “eliminate 2 votes” power this week and Paulie wants to exploit it to benefit his game. He tries to make it look like a joint decision instead of dictating and dominating James. James isn’t falling for it. He doesn’t want to make the wrong decision and then the house is all pissed off at him. Grow a pair James. Veto Players- Victor, Michelle, Zakiyah, Paulie, Nicole, and James.

Paul comes out of the DR and announces the Veto Comp! “Hide and Go Veto” has returned. Last year James destroyed the house during the Hide and Go Veto comp. He won the Veto that week. Those not playing get to sit poolside and drink. Here’s how the comp is played. One at a time the players will go into the house and use their allotted time to hide their veto cards. After all the cards are hidden, the players will take turns tearing the house up looking for a veto card. They won’t know who’s veto card they find. The cards will be placed on the board in the order found. The houseguest who’s veto isn’t found will win the POV.

Each player has their own strategy for hiding their card and searching for their opponents veto cards. The comp takes forever and a day. James totally destroyed the house driving Victor crazy. (And making me giggle.) Paulie won the Veto. Again. He now has to decide if he’s going to pull his flirtmance off the block. After the competition the houseguests go into the very trashed house. Thanks to tornado James the houseguests will probably spend the next few hours cleaning up. Paulie’s now faced with a dilemma. Upset his alliance or upset Zakiyah. Victor wants Zakiyah out so he wants Paulie to hold on and “Do not crack.” Zakiyah gives Paulie congratulatory kisses. “PP” Game talk in the HOH Suite. Paul doesn’t want Paulie to use the Veto. Then it’s in his best interest for Zakiyah to go because she’ll be pissed. James, Corey, and Nicole want Michelle to go. Paul wants Paulie to convince them Zakiyah should go because they respect his decisions. They go back and forth again.

When Zakiyah asks Paulie about using the Veto on her Paulie gives her a vague answer. He says Michelle’s the target. And if Paulie dictates something the minions have to follow. Zakiyah catches on. Paulie’s not planning on using it. Now she feels silly for picking him to play. Paulie decides to use his mastermind skills on James so James uses his power the way Paulie wants him to. Phew that was a mouth full.
So, Paulie holds the Veto. He allows the nominees to make short speeches. Michelle says she has a gut feeling he’s not going to use it. Zakiyah says she’ll respect it if he decides not to use it. Does he use it? Nope. Nominations stay the same. With the Executives divided, will Zakiyah or Michelle be the next evicted houseguest?

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