EXCLUSIVE: Sonja Morgan Is Done Being Ramona Singer’s Doormat ‘I’m Hurt By Ramona’s Lack of Support’

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Sonja Morgan Is Done Being Ramona Singer's Doormat "I'm Hurt By Ramona’s Lack of Support"

Sonja Morgan isn’t finished — after the The Real Housewives of New York beauty blasted co-star, Ramona Singer, pointing to the Bravo veteran’s “hypocrisy and lying.”

Sonja recently spoke to Life and Style, vowing that she would not spend another season existing as her old friend, Ramona Singer’s “doormat.” Sonja nodded to “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie,” in her sentimental post, “Watched @abfabmovie last nite and I have to say it pulled at my heart strings. Sooooo #RamonaSinger and me. We live life at the fullest and in the moment. Even with the #fashion faux pas’s and the brusque manners at times we are so funny with our frank back and forth banter. Even the movie wasn’t as funny as we are. And I loved the movie! Patsy and Eddie have each other’s backs no matter what so we forgive all their foibles.” 


Sonja explained her position in greater detail exclusively to AllAboutTheTea.Com — sharing a look back, as well as her current disappointment in her shifted friendship with Ramona

Sonja described the reality climate she walked into when she joined the cast, and how much she enjoyed a glimpse of the old magic on the last episode of the show.  

“When I came on in Season Three — Ramona was suffering,” reveals Sonja. “We were TV gold together. I saw absolutely fab tonight — so us.” 


The priceless camera chemistry between Sonja and Ramona has been in short supply this season — and Sonja squarely blames Ramona

“I am hurt by Ramona’s lack of support and inclusion. I am hurt by the shady things she said about me to the other girls when I wasn’t there — under the false guise of concern,” Sonja told AllAboutTheTea.com. “She looked desperate to stay in the mix with the girls — at my expense.”

Sonja pointed out her unceasing devotion to her friend, while sharing her frustration at Ramona’s unreciprocated loyalty. 

“I have always been supportive of Ramona. I have never discussed anything negative behind her back, and she knows it,” Sonja explained. “It’s not really a question of class — it’s about loyalty. Loyalty matters much more to me, and her behavior hurts.”

Sonja wrapped her thoughts by reiterating her bottom line. 

“I deserve better from someone who says they are a friend, and to whom I have remained loyal,” Sonja commented. “Rest in peace—I am done being a doormat. It’s too painful. I’m strong, but not a sap.”

Viewers have witnessed Ramona Singer blow with the shifting winds of Bravo favoritism — while Sonja has only sharpened her likable persona, by cutting out the distraction of alcohol. Singer turned her stinger on the wrong girl — and Sonja Morgan’s days of being stung are over.   


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