Vicki Gunvalson Feels David Beador Was Out of Line & Explains Why She Called Brooks #RHOC

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Vicki Gunvalson is speaking out — clarifying what went down at the most pivotal Real Housewives of Orange County event this season — Shannon Beador’s 70’s party. Dual screaming matches and an alleged setup polluted the bash, and the OC veteran is weighing in on a party gone terribly wrong — explaining her side in her Bravo blog.  

Vicki addresses David Beador’s venom towards her — noting that her issues with Shannon have nothing to do with him. Vicki also calls David out for butting into a conflict between women — a reality no-no. 

“Watching David and Shannon in the limo heading to the party and hearing Shannon say “David is so upset with me and that he can’t stand me,” was ironic because actually the feeling is mutual. David getting involved in a girl conflict is a “no no” and should be lesson number one. Tamra was the one who was upset withBrooks a few years ago saying Brooks was too involved in my business and the ladies’ business, so why now is it ok for David to lash out at me for something that doesn’t even involve him?”

Vicki points out that David had been friendly with Brooks — and wonders why David has not chosen to deal with him directly. Vicki hints to some serious in-the-mix deflection. 

“I have no idea why David is upset with me, as he was the one who was friends with Brooks also. If Davidhas a problem with him, why hasn’t he called him to get his questions answered? Shannon and David are trying to turn the focus off of them and their mess, and attempting to keep the focus on me, which I’m fine with now because I can see through it.” 

Vicki details the sequence of events that led to the explosion from David. 

“When Shannon started yelling at Kelly, I went in the other room and started talking with one of David’s friends. I said, “Shannon is in her glory,” meaning she was trying to stir up problems with Kelly which seems like what she loves to do lately. I did not go up to David or provoke David in any way, in fact I didn’t initiate a conversation with him at all because I have nothing to say to him. I was talking with his friend who was asking me how I was doing and complimenting me on my weight loss. David then yelled across the high top table, “Don’t talk to her…blah blah blah,” and started justifying why his friend who I had met years ago shouldn’t speak with me.”

Vicki explains how David was triggered to unleash his nasty tongue lashingin a shocking, and inadvertently revealing display. 

“I turned around in shock and said, “What are you doing David?” And that is when he started to unleash his verbal abuse towards me. I was shocked to say the least and have never been yelled at by a man in my life like that. He was completely out of line and for Shannon or Tamra to justify his behavior, they obviously have lower standards than me on how a man should treat a woman.”

Vicki clarifies why she decided to call Brooks, after David’s outburst. 

“I decided to call Brooks in hopes that he would answer the phone. HE is the only one who can stop this madness about people saying that I lied for him and I told him on his voicemail to call David to settle this once and for all. It’s been over a year now since we broke up and I’m tired of talking about him. Seems to me some of these women want to keep this craziness going to put my character in question and I’m not going to let them any more. Enough is enough.”

Vicki catches us up on where her relationship with Shannon stands today — and her thoughts on Shannon’sstubborn refusal to move on from the events of last season. 

“Some of these women are just filled with anger and hate and I feel that life doesn’t have to be this way. I will never understand why they do what they do, and I’ve given Shannon the opportunity to move forward, and she has chosen not to. I can’t help that, nor am I going to continue to enable her to be so negative and so angry. I don’t know about you, but if she’s so happy in her marriage and her life, then why does she seem to be so angry all the time?”

Vicki hit the nail on the head — validating the curious thoughts of many viewers. What exactly is Shannontrying to direct the viewer’s eye away from, as she keeps a season-old feud dragging on and on? Will moving on prove Shannon’s story irrelevant — or maybe even worse?  


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