‘Shannon Is A Liar!’ Kelly Dodd Plans To Expose Shannon Beador’s Lies At The Reunion #RHOC

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Kelly Dodd_RHOC

Kelly Dodd feels like she was set up by Shannon Beador on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Now, I know the tide has turned against Shannon. People seem to be divided into two camps: Team Kelly or Team Shannon. But let’s go over the events of the 70s party and the subsequent sit down between the two ladies, and look at Kelly’s point of view.

“I definitely regret losing my temper and making a nasty scene at Shannon’s ’70s party. I am remorseful… I swallowed my pride and asked Shannon to meet me so, if appropriate, I could apologize and put the debacle behind us.”

I didn’t get that vibe from Kelly at all. I think she wanted an admission from Shannon. Kelly started quizzing her from the jump.

“When we met for lunch I asked about Shannon’s relationship with Jaci, I was just trying to get her to admit the facts. However, obviously she took offense to my direct questioning. Calling me Officer Dodd was comical, because she is busted!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have a hard time believing Shannon didn’t know Jaci and Kelly were acquaintances. Everyone in Orange County seems to be on a first name basis.

“At lunch, when I said, “I know that you know, that Jaci and I knew each other” I was certain that was a fact and suspected that Shannon and Jaci had been gossiping about me for months. Shannon acting like she didn’t know that Jaci and I knew each other was complete BS.”

Kelly claims she has proof that Shannon is lying.

“Why am I so confident that Shannon conspired with these women to set me up? Remember when Michael and I were sitting on our couch discussing the party and I said, “She (Jaci) reached out to me?” Well, I have proof that Jaci reached out to me before the ’70s party and that Shannon absolutely knew Jaci and I knew each other. I can prove this to Andy and everyone at the reunion.”

Kelly admits she was out of line at the party, but it takes two to dance.

“…I believe we were both in the wrong – Shannon for setting me up and me for losing my cool and making a scene… Remember though, that Shannon instigated the whole thing by staging the little pow-wow in the back room. Watching the episode and seeing Shannon deliberately asking Jaci, “Can you and Nina come with me please” to the back room for their gossip session was further proof that she set the whole thing up and had an agenda.”

The question remains, did Shannon deliberately invite Jaci and Nina to tear down Kelly?

“…I am not okay with that. Nina’s salacious lies and claim that “I suck dick for money”, was the worst insult I have ever experienced. I am a college graduate from Arizona State. After college, I worked as a top performing advertising sales professional for the Arizona Republic newspaper… Nina is an idiot. It just goes to show she knows nothing about me. What a vile and nasty individual.”

Kelly is claiming that Shannon made a racially insensitive comment. She had a different spin on it when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live. I’ll let you be the judge on that situation.

“…When Shannon said, “you looked like an ‘Indian'” and insinuated that I/Indians look ugly, I took great offense. My mom’s side of the family originates from St. Johns, Arizona. My family owned a huge cattle ranch there before Arizona was even a state. Given that, I have always had the deepest respect for Native Americans, so Shannon’s comment struck a nerve.”

And this isn’t Kelly’s only problem with Shannon.

“Shannon was smug when she arrived at the restaurant. She projects an air of superiority that rubs me that wrong way. She said she thought she was there to help me and to get an apology. I was willing to give her one, but she never owned up to being complicit to gossiping and making up lies about me.”

Shannon usually gives the new girls a hard time — hello, Meghan Edmonds! So while I understand Kelly’s perspective, I have to say…I don’t have a dog in this hunt.

So what’s your take? Was Kelly set up? Does she owe Shannon an apology? Are you choosing sides, or like me, are you Switzerland?


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