‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: HOH & Nominations Revealed — Is The Paulie/Zakiyah Flirtmance Over?

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‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: HOH & Nominations Revealed Episode 22

Time left in the BB house is ticking away. It seems like a boys alliance with “Team PP” as the leader’s currently on a roll and running the house. Will the girls wise up and take down this powerful alliance? Once again Julie left us wondering who the new HOH will be. The houseguests are on a ride of insults!

Who will come out with the HOH crown? Everyone was in on the plan to save Da’vonne packing except Michelle and Zakiyah. Nicole feels guilty for not letting them in on the plan. #DavonneGate 

Zakiyah finally figured out she’s being played. Hallelujah! Praise the BB Gods! She’s determined to win but she’d be happy with bestie Michelle in power this week. Paulie knows he upset his flirtmance partner. He knows he can’t drop before Zakiyah. He doesn’t want her to win HOH.

Michelle feels super betrayed. She wants to win safety for her and her bestie Zakiyah. Paulie confirms a boys alliance. Corey, Paul, Paulie, James and Victor formed some kind of super bromance with a lame name the night before Da’vonne’s eviction. They named their alliance “The Executives.” The names keep getting more and more ridiculous. They even have little names for themselves. Victor-CEO. Paulie-Director Of Social Affairs (Does that even exist?) Corey-Chief Event Coordinator. James-Chief of Operations. Paul- Chief Friendship Operator.

The Harsh Hashtag HOH Comp can’t be complete without the internet trolls! Natalie is totally scared of people dressed up in weird troll outfits with foam “#USuck” bats. Apparently if you drop out of the comp you get a internet troll butt kicking. Zakiyah continues to awake from Paulie’s “I’m a super cool douchebag. My name is Derrick” spell. He dropped right after she did. So obvious. It came down to the former flirtmance couple Victor/Natalie. Victor wins HOH. Oh boy another week of Paulie mastermind edits!
Everyone returns to the house and scatters. Victor’s mind thinks game. He wants to get someone who’s a big threat to his game out this week.

Paulie/Zakiyah’s Flirtmance continues to go downhill fast. Zakiyah gives this teary DR about feeling betrayed by everybody except for Michelle who’s “kept it real with me.” She especially feels betrayed by Paulie. Now that she finally realizes Paulie’s using her for strategy can she resist his charms? Paulie asks Zakiyah if she’s okay. Zakiyah says “I don’t know.” Paulie’s advice to Zakiyah? “Relax.”
While Zakiyah cries over betrayal, Natalie whines about not winning HOH. Luckily her showmance James is there to comfort her in her time of need. “Team PP” hugs Bridgette because she’s just super thankful they saved her. She owes Paul now and believe me he wants to collect. She’s ready to work with savior Paul.

Michelle and Zakiyah commiserate over being left out of the evict Da’vonne plan. Michelle’s angry/upset she was left out of the loop. She won’t be shocked if she’s nominated for eviction. She turns on the tears. #Crybaby Enough with the crying! Paul noticed Da’vonne say something to Victor as she walked out. (She said “They” are going to take you out in a double) Victor isn’t sure who “they” are so he’s just going to blindly trust his new alliance. Paul moves on because it’s totally not true right? He says Natalie’s game is sympathy. During the comp she said “I can’t I can’t.” Paul already has his target in sight. (Paulie ratted their game pillow talk out. Zakiyah said she wanted Paul gone sooner than later.) Paul wants Zakiyah and Michelle on the block this week. Bridgette is the backup plan if Zakiyah wins the Veto.

So, to recap Victor’s “big target” this week isn’t someone playing a mastermind game. His target is Zakiyah and Michelle? Way to go Victor!
“The Executives” meet to brag about holding all the cards. They get all cocky about it of course. Everyone wants Zakiyah to go. James is good with it as long as he has Paulie’s blessing. Paulie called her a liability and a timebomb. They call this season “The season of bounced checks.”
Nicole’s guilt is eating her up. She decides to talk to a crying Michelle. Nicole has to do some damage control quickly. Nicole says Da’vonne was going to put up Corey/Nicole. Not sure Da’vonne ever said that but whatever Nicole. Moving on, Michelle wanted to be kept in the loop so she wouldn’t be the odd man out.

Paulie decides to do some damage control with his flirtmance. Paulie says Da’vonne was “playing games.” Zakiyah thinks no one trusted her with the evict Da’vonne plan. Now that Zakiyah figured out Paulie played her she can’t totally believe or trust his lies/excuses. She’s going to sleep with one eye open. Paulie refuses to reveal any of Victor’s plans.

First we have Paul walking around all week with the douchey HOH robe. Now it’s Victor’s turn. Victor, Paulie and Paul have a F3 deal. Paul’s just going along with the “PP” with V final 3 because Victor happens to be HOH this week. Let’s be real, they made this F3 with Victor so they could control his HOH.

Apparently Michelle’s being mean because she doesn’t want James wearing her jacket? Alrighty then. James wants to get down to the hostility. Michelle’s still mad James didn’t clue her into the Da’vonne votes. I’m officially naming this #davonnegate. It goes on and on and on. They kind of hash things out but Michelle’s out of control emotions may have damaged her game. James wants Michelle to get the BB boot this week because she’s too emotional and she can’t trust him. James has to report his emotional conversation with Michelle to master Paulie. Paulie thinks Michelle is an emotional loose cannon. He may want her gone before Zakiyah. He thinks saving Zakiyah may keep her under his thumb. If they take Michelle out Zakiyah won’t have anyone else but Paulie.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No. It’s America’s Care Package! The houseguests run out into the backyard! It was addressed to James! Inside was tube socks, underoos, sunglasses and the ability to eliminate 2 eviction votes at the next live eviction. On Thursday, Julie will ask James to stand and announce the 2 hgs he wants to prevent from voting.

After all the drama, new alliances, and bromances it’s finally time to find out who Victor nominated for eviction. Who did he nominate? Michelle and Zakiyah. Victor gives this lame poem thingy about his eviction and blah blah blah. Zakiyah is pure strategy. Her plan would be to throw HIM on the block. Honestly, he was just pure mean and rude. He threw beads at them! It just shows his true character. He wanted to “make good TV.”

Please let Victor’s return to the house end sooner than later. Who will win the POV? Find out on Weds night! For live BB fun buy the live feeds on CBS.


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