Shannon Beador Blasted For Gushing Over Felon Teresa Giudice While Slamming Vicki Gunvalson

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Teresa Giudice& Shannon Beador at Bravo event in Portland_August 4

It was a ‘Housewives’ mashup, when Real Housewives of Orange County star, Shannon Beador, crossed paths with Real Housewives of New Jersey diva, Teresa Giudice.

The duo met at a Bravo August event on August 4, in Portland, Oregon, and appeared to hit it off. Both the Bravolebs shared the joy on social media.

Shannon’s caption reads, “What a night with these two! The incredibly sweet @teresagiudice and the amazing@itsmejamiemiles! Met so many kind people in Portland!”

While the social media love was out there — some fans excited by the east-meets-west Bravo pairing — many bashed Shannon’s gushing love for the ex-inmate. Several viewers pointed out the obvious — that Giudice is thief, who should not to be revered. 

“Shannon you are far too nice – Theresa is nutz – certainly not incredibly sweet?!?!”

“Shannon there is no comparison between you and Teresa. You are not a felon or have to commit bank fraud.” 

“That felon should not be on TV.”


“All good except for the lying disgusting idiot criminal! Karma!!! It’s coming!!!”

“Just say no to criminals”

“Right! How does one act like they did nothing wrong after hurting so many others financially!!!”

“Must have been a long night hanging with Theresa. I’d rather have a root canal.”

Twitter revealed more of the same attitude.

Viewers also wondered how Shannon could explain adulating an unrepentant criminal — while continuing to stubbornly reject an apologetic cast-mate. Vicki Gunvalson fans made themselves known on both Instagram and Twitter. 

“Shannon, I can’t believe you think @teresagiudice is “sweet” and you won’t forgive @vickigunvalson. That sweet lady is a felon, lives beyond her means and didn’t pay her bills ripping innocent people off!!”

“You are so nasty and unforgiving I hope the original OG of the OC had some clout to get you booted from the show.”

Shannon wrote about Vicki in her July 18 blog,

“I don’t want a person that continues to fabricate things and not take accountability for them in my life.” 

Such a statement could easily be written about the “incredibly sweet” Teresa Giudice — the glaring contrast being that Teresa stole millions from innocent people. Perhaps Shannon would feel differently if her husband made his living in New Jersey, like the businesses that sit unpaid by the Giudices. Shannon would likely be choosing words other than “sweet” and “warm” to describe her newest reality pal. 


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