‘RHONJ’ Brat Milania Giudice Has A New Job — YouTube Sensation!

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Milania Giudice YouTube Sensation

Milania Giudice is making a splash on social media — breaking away from her contrived persona seen on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The mini-diva either makes fans laugh or plug their ears — but in recent months, the third daughter of Joe and Teresa Giudice has been creating her own pint-sized brand of reality. 

Milania has been uploading videos to her own YouTube page — cute vids sure to entertain her grade-school fan base. In one offering, simply named “Wig Video!! By Milania Giudice,” viewers can catch Milania and a pal trying on fierce wigs. They share their hair sleuthing secrets — the revealed key, an Amazon search for “colorful, long, awesome wigs.” Milania is a far cry from the screeching banshee she plays on the show — she is a composed, lighthearted, typical 10-year-old girl. 

Another vid, called “MAKEUP!! By Milania Giudice!,” is a sweet adventure into the mysterious world of “bronzer.” 

“So this is how I start my makeup, so I get some bronzer,” Milania explains as she holds a tube of liquid concealer. “Sometimes I go all around my face … even if I’m probably not supposed to, but I’m a kid. What am I supposed to do?!”

Bravo has jumped aboard the Milania train, offering their own take on the adorably familiar reality rascal. 

Production value aside — Milania should keep her act a solo one! Do you think that Milania has a future as a social media star? 


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