Kailyn Lowry Custody Battle Details Emerge — Javi Marroquin Fighting For Stepson Isaac

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Now that Javi Marroquin is stateside, custody arrangements will need to be worked out with his ex, Kailyn Lowry.

Javi has been a father-figure to Isaac, 6, who is his step-son. Sources say custody for Isaac could be “complicated” because there is already a custody agreement in place between Kailyn and her ex, Jo Rivera. Custody with Javi’s son, Isaac, 2, has yet to be established.

“Since there’s a custody agreement with Kail and Jo for Isaac, it depends on what days they decide to have Lincoln with Javi,” RadarOnline is reporting. “He’ll definitely get to visit Javi, but it gets a little more complicated if it works for to be when Jo has Isaac.”

Insiders say the boys know about the split, as Javi took Isaac and Lincoln shopping with him for household items for his new place.

“They did take it well,” the source said. “I think it’s easier since Javi hasn’t been around in 6 months, they got used to him not being there.”

When Javi returned home on August 1st, he drove Isaac and Lincoln to camp, but only Lincoln spent the night. The following morning Javi and his son were spotted at breakfast – just the two of them.

Javi and his step-son, Isaac, will “always be in each other’s lives,” the insider insisted.

“They are very close and Isaac looks at Javi like a father figure.” He added, “They will always treat the boys the same as they do now.”


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