Jacqueline Laurita On Teresa Giudice Drama: ‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Back’ #RHONJ

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Jacqueline Laurita is back on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but this year, the table has flipped.

This time Jacqueline is in hot financial water, but unlike Teresa Giudice, she didn’t fraudulently take out loans or hide her assets. In her blog this week, Jacqueline takes the time to give us her side in her long-running feud with Teresa.

“When Siggy asked me if the “current” rumors in the tabloids about Joe cheating on Teresa were true I told her, “Not that I know of.” I had not been around Joe in years to know if that answer was true or not first hand…I’ve learned from the past that Teresa doesn’t like to be questioned about them. Even if she is the one giving the information to the tabloids for a little extra money or for any other reason.”

Remember when Jacqueline asked Teresa which rumors were true, and if Tre was really headed to the pokey…um, I mean camp.

“In the past, I only asked Teresa about the tabloids because I knew she put a lot of the stories out there herself…I figured if she felt ok talking to the tabloids, then she would be ok talking to me, especially if it cleared up those rumors. I wanted to know that she was ok and also put my mind at ease.”

Teresa took those questions as a declaration of war. Things have never been the same between the two since.

“It always baffled me how Teresa acted as if my asking her whether or not the tabloids were true (whether or not there was a possibility of her going to jail) was equal to me bringing up her legal issues…She oddly dismissed the fact that not only was it all over the tabloids and the media already but also the fact that Teresa, herself, was the first one to discuss her legal matters publicly…”

At that time, I think Teresa still believed she could bend the facts to her will, that she could sway public opinion, despite all the media hype surrounding her.

“Everybody was already talking about it. I just wanted to know if she was ok. I had no idea what was about to happen. But I’m guessing now that SHE did, and that is why she was so defensive about the topic at the time. It makes sense now.”

Teresa has always been dodgy. How could Jacqueline sustain a close relationship with Teresa for years and not know this? I wasn’t surprised that Teresa’s started screaming like a crazy person when Jacqueline asked a simple, logical question, and I’d only seen her on TV.

“Fast forward to Siggy mentioning to me that she wanted to ask Teresa about the tabloids…as you can imagine, it made me uncomfortable… I was shocked but pleasantly surprised to hear Teresa was much calmer and not as defensive about Siggy‘s inquiry as she had been with mine. I thought maybe now she finally understood why, as a friend, I had asked her about the tabloids that were saying there was a possibility of her going to jail…”

Dream on, Jaqueline. Teresa hasn’t changed. Even her good pal, Dolores, said so on Watch What Happens Live the other night. Leopards don’t change their spots and scammers don’t change their game.

As we see in the sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Teresa and Jacqueline rehash old ground and wind up fighting all over again. So, what’s your take on the season so far? Am I wrong? Will Teresa ever come clean? Is she capable of change?


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