Carole Radziwill Accuses Luann’s Fiance Of “Cozying Up” & “Smelling Ramona’s Neck” On #RHONY Trip

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Carole _RHONY

On the Real Housewives of New York, Carole Radziwill went to Luann de Lesseps’ engagement party for three reasons.

“1. I was genuinely happy for Luann.

2. I was curious about Tom given all the talk. (I’m sure all of you were too.)

3. I had nothing else going on that weekend.”

She did not go to dig up dirt on Tom.

“…I ask questions because we need dialogue. I prefer straightforward conversations to the screaming and drunken pill-popping antics you see from others. I ask questions because it is polite.”

She’s not trying to bring back information to Bethenny Frankel. Really. She’s happy for Luann, y’all.  No, seriously!

“I watch, not “spy,” as Luann whirls around in her white gown bursting with love. It was nice to see her happy.”

After watching Carole avoid Luann for an entire season, I have a hard time believing in this sudden turn around. What brought about the change in attitude? At any rate, Carole is not impressed by Tom.

“I make polite chit chat while trying to ignore that Tom is cozying up then smelling Ramona’s neck. I ask Sonja to ask herself why she is so okay with a man who professes to be — at the very least a friend for 10 years and at most a sexual partner — yet he is rude and dismissive of her at the party. Not cool.”

The next morning, things go left when Dorinda Medley tells Luann that Ramona Singer is still talking about her brief relationship with Tom. Dorinda has had a hand in almost every dustup this season. She’s coveting that MVSS (Most Valuable Shit Stirrer) trophy, apparently.

“We had lots of laughs, especially the morning recap of Ramona’s doomed short-lived relationship with the fiancé. A conversation, by the way, that was started by the resident tattle-tale. A conversation that any group of friends, anywhere in the world would have had the next morning.”

But Carole insists Ramona isn’t jealous.

“And for the record, Ramona was never seriously interested in Tom. They dated, he flirted with her more than she ever did with him. R.S. + T.D. I mean, adorbs! Thing is, Ramona likes her relationships to be discreet and not papered all over the gossip pages. That is how I like them also. Luann likes something else.”

Ouch! There’s the snarky commentary we’ve come to know.

Carole promises next week’s episode will be a scorcher.

“Next week’s episode is so good I watched it twice, and I’ve never watched anything twice…”

I sure hope so. This season has been a little dry. What’s your take?


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