‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Who Was Voted Out Tonight & Who Won HoH [Episode 21]

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Welcome to another live eviction episode of  Big Brother. Will Bridgette survive the block and live to bake another batch of cookies?  Will Da’vonne finally see the end of her BB game? Well, let’s check in with Chenbot and find out.

“Team PP seem to be running the house.” They “led the charge” to take Frank out. Even though Da’vonne’s the houseguest who took the brunt of Frank/Bridgette’s campaign to game ruin while Paulie sat back and watched. Oh well.

Chenbot also announces the houseguest evicted this week will be the first person on the jury. Watch out because Da’vonne’s mouth will be just as brutal in the jury house.  

Mastermind Paulie is overjoyed another plan is coming together. Paul followed through thanks to Paulie’s mouth and put Da’vonne on the block next to Bridgette.

Da’vonne doesn’t understand why she’s on the block. She thought she developed a friendship with Paul. She feels betrayed.

Nicole wants Da’vonne out more than anyone this season. She’s afraid Da’vonne’s holding the roundtrip ticket. You know because Da’vonne’s a big risk to her game with all her comp wins.

Paulie’s following through with his promise to Frank. He’s looking out for Bridgette. Nevermind the fact he can control her because she’ll believe he’s her new God for saving her. He says the only two who will vote to evict her are Michelle/Zakiyah. After the evil Da’vonne gets evicted Bridgette should be able to act normal and relax. Bridgette’s feeling the revenge. She wants Da’vonne gone.

Da’vonne’s ready to get some answers. She goes up to the HOH suite to talk to Paul. She wants to know when her friendship and trust with Paul went so bad. Paul says she’s overreacting. He still continues to insist Bridgette’s the target. He put Da’vonne up because he trusts her to be a pawn. He knows it’s a total lie. He just hopes the votes aren’t tied. He doesn’t want more blood on his hands. Da’vonne knows Paul’s a big liar. She wants to blow up but she’s keeping it together. Now she has to start campaigning.

Nicole and Corey are swinging on the hammock. She has a tummy ache so she sends her errand boy in for medication. She then falls off the hammock head first.

Da’vonne’s only allies left in the game at this point are Michelle and Zakiyah. They start counting votes. Da’vonne’s sure James will vote for her to stay. Michelle totally believes Paul’s target is Bridgette. Da’vonne says he can be influenced. (She referencing Zakiyah’s off and on showmance Paulie.) Natalie says “I want her to stay.” She’s torn between her best friend and what’s best for her game.

Paul, Corey and Nicole secure James’ vote. He’s onboard. He doesn’t want Da’vonne to go out with no votes. The assure him she has a few votes. Of course Nicole is leading the charge. James doesn’t want Da’vonne to go but he can’t show his cards quite yet. They change the subject to the inevitable upcoming double eviction. James says he would put up Bridgette/Victor.

Da’vonne breaks up the powwow so they all have to put on a happy face and act like she’s safe. Paul continues the double eviction speculation. He asks who she would put up. Da’vonne’s revealing nothing until she gets some intel. James says “B/V.” The others have to play it off because James just let the cat out of the bag. Da’vonne doesn’t miss James’ oops moment. Nicole has a guilty face. Da’vonne knows she has an uphill battle to stay.

Later, Da’vonne finds Natalie/James in bed. James fake snores but really James? Like it’s not obvious. Da’vonne says they’re approaching day 50, a double eviction is approaching and people are cracking. James agrees. Da’vonne’s just sitting there watching and listening while people reveal info. She wants Paul to break the tie. James is in a sucky position. He wants to make sure Paul’s okay with however he votes. If he votes to Bridgette of course he would be honest with Da’vonne right? Da’vonne says she would be really hurt if her house champion voted her out.

James is torn. Da’vonne is his girl. It would be a game move to send Da’vonne home. She’s a sinking ship. A personal move would be to try and save her. If he saves Da’vonne it would ruffle feathers and show his cards. Natalie’s ready for war. She has paint or a beauty mask on her face. She warns James to play his cards right.

Where does “your boy” Paul come from. Home visit package! Paul’s really a mama’s boy? Paul’s all tough on the outside but he’s really a sweetheart according to his mom. She calls him the light of the family. Turns out he comes from a tight knit Armenian family. They’re picture perfect. His mom even hugs and kisses his pillow every morning. That’s not weird.

Now comes the save me please speeches. Da’vonne talks about God giving her the chance to play the game and how she loves everyone. Bridgette I skipped over because how many sickening fake voice speeches can you hear before you’re like ENOUGH ALREADY!

Everyone voted to evict Da’vonne except Michelle and Zakiyah.

Da’vonne hugs a few and gives James a kiss before she leaves.

Julie asks about her exit. Da’vonne says she sensed the end of her game. She whispered they’re going to take you out in a double to victor on the way out. She admits she snitched. Zero apologies about that.

Julie opens Da’vonne’s fate. She holds a one way ticket. She won’t be returning to the game.

Julie asks who she feels the most betrayed by. She says she knew her time was up when Paul put her on the block. She says she didn’t trust anyone accept James, Michelle and Zakiyah so it wasn’t betrayal. It was confirmation. She asks if it was a mistake to turn on Frank/Tiffany. She says she saw Frank’s game and Tiffany was all over the place. She admits she got caught up with Frank and she lost site of the big picture. She says it was hard to keep her emotions out of the game.

Goodbye messages well you’ll have to watch them.

Who will become HOH? This comp is called “Harsh Hashtags” and here’s how the game goes. The houseguests will stand on a disk and be swung round and round. They can squat but not sit on their disks. Last houseguest left standing wins HOH. First 3 houseguests to fall become have nots. Right before the show ends the internet trolls come out.

Find out who won HOH on Sunday. Who will the new HOH nominate?

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