Bethenny Frankel Is Conflicted With The Secret She’s Holding About Luann’s Fiancé

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Bethenny Frankel’s blog is short and not so sweet this week. As we last saw on the Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny was “handed” a certain text showing Tom sucking another woman’s face while Luann de Lesseps, his fiancée, was in Palm Springs, planning their engagement party.

So, Bethenny poses this question:

“Would YOU want to know? This is the age old question that everyone says yes to, yet so many don’t know if they mean it.”

Let’s leave aside Bethenny being the bearer of bad news for the moment. Would you want to know? Especially since it’s before the wedding, while there’s still time to change your mind, would you want to know if your “soulmate”, your dream man was cheating?

Now we get to Bethenny’s role in this whole thing. At first, I thought she was most definitely the wrong person to tell Luann. But upon reflection, she and Luann aren’t really friends, so this won’t affect their friendship going forward. Still, it has to be a bitter pill to hear this type of news coming from someone who doesn’t like you. A double blow.

“The ones who bear the burden of deciding if you really mean it are the friends. This week I embark on the multi-episode journey of deciding if, how and when to tell Luann details that could affect her marriage but definitely will affect her relationship.”

Do you secretly think Bethenny is relishing this role? That she likes having this power over Luann? Ramona would have for sure. She’d be giving pseudo-sympathy, but silently cackling with glee.

So what do you think? Is Bethenny the villain for carrying this news to Luann or is she doing the right thing? And what would you do in this situation? Tell a friend or stay out of it?


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