Dorinda Medley & Jules Wainstein Talks Divorce; Luann’s “Nervous” Behavior At Her Engagement Party

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Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen played host to stars of the Real Housewives of New York, Dorinda Medley and Jules Wainstein. Jules was rocking her new shoulder-length bob. A cardboard cutout of Luann de Lesseps stood behind the bar and gave canned answers about her engagement to Tom.

Speaking of, we saw a flashback of Tom and Ramona Singer from season one. Ramona wasn’t impressed with him at all. Now, she can’t quit squawking about dating him. Life is funny like that.

At the engagement party, Luann blocked Tom from Ramona and Sonja Morgan all night. Though Lu claimed she was secure with regards to Tom and Sonja, it seemed that she kept an eye on him all evening, and made a point to flash her ring in Sonja’s face. Dorinda gave her opinion.

“I think she [Luann] was nervous the two exes were there. Which I can’t figure out. Would you ever have two exes on the boat? Honestly, with all that controversy, and then bringing Tom in it. I wouldn’t…but she was definitely nerved up the whole time, trying to manage…and God knows I’ve done that before.”

At one point at the party, Dorinda tried to introduce the still married Jules to a fellow guest. Andy wondered if it was because Dorinda knew Jules’ marriage was on the rocks. Dorinda simply claimed to be having a rosé day. But Jules said, “The kitchen is closed. I knew then. I mean, but I shouldn’t have known then.”

Whatever you say, Jules. Next, Andy did a count on how many times Jules brought up the fact that she was either Asian or Jewish—sixteen to be exact.

Then he showed a clip of Jules on the girls’ trip as she realized Michael wasn’t home taking care of the kids like he’d promised. Andy asked her some delicate questions and received some very evasive answers.

Are Jules and Michael still living together? “I can say that’s true.” Is the divorce in motion? “Yes, I can confirm we are getting divorced.” Did Jules know Michael’s mistress?  Dorinda answered for her as Jules turned away. “I can say that’s true.” Did Jules suspect Michael’s infidelity? “Never. No.” Then she mumbled something and refused to answer further.

Dorinda said:

“We’re very close, so we would have had one of these late night conversations when she said—cuz we’ve all done it—‘Oh my God, I think xyz.’ I mean, I’ve done it when I’ve been completely wrong.”

Then she turned to Jules. “You never had that conversation with me.”

Bethenny Frankel said on an episode of WWHL that she’d heard rumors of a divorce before filming started. Jules clarified:

“Because we had a “mutual friend”? We have no mutual friends.”

Dorinda chimed in once more:

Bethenny seems to have a mutual friend for all of us, everywhere in the world. I think she can see dead people as well.”

What about those texts Bethenny received regarding Tom? We never got to see them or the pictures she said she had in her possession, but Andy played the clip of Bethenny awkwardly grilling Luann about her relationship, asking if they were monogamous and if Tom was really trustworthy.

He also showed Dorinda’s slurred toast. Then he played celebrities impersonating her at her drunken best. Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Rapaport, and Jerry O’Connell tried to match Dorinda’s level of crazy.

We got a sneak peek of the next episode (which will air in two weeks). Luann confronts Bethenny, wondering why she asked such probing and inappropriate questions about Tom. When Bethenny says she has information about Tom, Luann tearfully begs not to hear it.

Andy asked both women if they’d want to know if their partner was cheating. Dorinda said:

“I don’t have any problem…no, I have a problem with the information. I think we all get sensitive information. You have to choose carefully who you choose to give it to.”

Jules said: “Bad question for me. Yeah.”

Does Dorinda think Tom got engaged with Luann to get famous?

“No. I don’t think so. I mean, I think Tom is one of these guys that has dated a lot of women on the Upper East Side, and I think um, I had a hard time, as you can see, trying to figure out all the movement with the three women.”

Jules agreed.

“I’ve spent a lot of time with Tom and Luann. They’re a good couple. They’re nice. They are genuinely happy.”

A caller wanted to know why Dorinda has been stirring the pot so hard this season.

“I like information. I grew up in a very ethnic family, and we like to be involved in everything.”

Jules had another take on the situation. “She’s a mediator.”

What would the ladies do if they received texts showing Luann’s man cheating? Jules answered first.

“Well, I think you have two decisions as a friend. You get a piece of information, right? And you either decide to stay totally out of it or you tell the person directly. Directly. And she told all of her friends.”

Dorinda corrected Jules. “She told all of her [Lu’s] enemies. They clearly weren’t getting along. Enemies [sic] too strong, but they were clearly at odds. And it’s like, if I found something sensitive about Hillary, I’m not going to go to Trump and tell him.”

Andy asked if Dorinda would need to be sure about the information before spilling the tea.

“Listen, I set them up. She [Bethenny] had an opportunity at the beginning, as you can see, when she was sitting on the bed saying ‘I need to tell you something very sensitive’ before you can embark on this whole weekend.”

Jules interrupted. “She waited until…”

Andy made them stop talking so they wouldn’t give away spoilers.

So, is Jules’ friendship with Bethenny and Carole on track? “Bethenny, I um, you know, water under the bridge. I don’t really care. I have enough negative energy in my life. I don’t need more.” Then she called Carole, “Irrelevant.”

Ramona tweeted during the show. She claimed Bethenny ran the information by her “great friends” to see if she needed to tell Luann.

So who’s right? Did Bethenny do the right thing, running it past Ramona and Carole? Should she have gone directly to Luann? Or should she have stayed quiet about the whole situation?

Tell us what you think and take our poll below.

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