‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Paulie Shows His Bad Side As The Target Shifts [Episode 20]

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'Big Brother 18' Recap

Paul won HOH or should I say Paulie? Paul wants to finish the job and evict Bridgette. Paulie has a totally different target in mind. Paulie volunteered as a pawn to go up right next to Bridgette hoping he will win the POV and send Da’vonne packing. Will his plan succeed?

The nomination ceremony is complete. He says Paulie wants Da’vonne on the block. He’ll go along with what the house wants. If he had his choice Bridgette would be walking out the BB door on Thursday. Bridgette feels like her nomination is a slap in the face. She knows she was nominated because she was Frank’s disciple.  Da’vonne is wondering why Paulie’s the pawn when Nicole volunteered?

Everything’s going according to plan for Paulie. He’s pushing hard to put Da’vonne up as a replacement nominee. The girls are hanging out in the HN room. Michelle thanks Paulie for “taking one for the team.”

Da’vonne knows Bridgette is now brainless and alone. She wants to become Bridgette’s new brain. Da’vonne lends Bridgette a little advice. She needs to push for Nicole to go up next to her and she needs to win the veto and come off the block. Bridgette sees through Da’vonne. She’s been Da’vonne’s number one enemy/target for weeks. She doesn’t trust Da’vonne at all.

Bridgette wants some reassurance from HOH Paul. Paul gives it to her. He says Da’vonne is shady. She’s going to be the replacement nominee. Paul has a master plan behind that beard. If Bridgette goes home great! If Da’vonne goes home it builds trust with Bridgette. Genius! Everyone has advice for “brainless” Bridgette tonight. Paul’s advice is to lay low and let other people become targets. Then Bridgette’s off to make cookies!

It’s a “man juice party” in the hot tub. Nicole comes out and whines about her Derrick dreams. She gets all mad when the boys start teasing her about it. What did she expect? She gets all huffy and yells “I’M DONE!”

There’s some friction between Paulie and Zakiyah. And not the good kind. Over the past month, Paulie and Zakiyah have been flirtmancing. Sleeping arrangements and distance are pissing Zakiyah off. Mainly because Paulie has taken the house douchenozzle position vacated by Frank. Paulie blames Zakiyah. She’s been suffocating him and she has a jealous side.  Paul thinks Paulie shouldn’t piss her off too bad. She knows a lot of insider info that could blow up their games.

Zakiyah is baffled. She walks into the Safari Room and complains about Paulie’s new douchey side. Michelle sits there and listens. Well as much as Michelle ever really listens. Zakiyah’s in tears and all Paulie can say is he doesn’t deal with girls. He deals with women. Alrighty then.

Later on Zakiyah goes all stalker on sleeping Paulie. This leads to some kind of showmance fight.

Paul the pranker. He puts women’s shaving cream in Michelle’s drink. She takes a drink and all hell breaks loose. She gets revenge by throwing an apple at Paul. “You like these apples?” It makes a mark. Ouch. She feels badly about it after she sees the big mark it left. She starts crying about it.

Players for the POV this week are: Paul, Paulie, Bridgette, Corey, Natalie, and Victor.

Another meeting of the minds convenes after the POV players are chosen. The masterminds think everything is going according to plan. By the end of the week Bridgette and Da’vonne will be on the block. They think they’re going to be the next Cody/Derrick combo. Da’vonne breaks up their little meeting. She asks what plan B is. Da’vonne dug a deeper hole for herself. She looks even more sketch now because named names.

Paulie decides to fill Nicole/Corey in on Da’vonne’s latest antics. Nicole calls her rude. WHAT?! Paulie gets Corey/Nicole onboard to “get her.” Who’s over Paulie’s mastermind act? He even talks about manipulating Zakiyah so she’s not mad when Da’vonne is revealed as the target.

Time for the POV competition! Unfortunately, Paul wants to torture us. Nicole’s hosting. This competition is called “Ready, Set, Whoa Track meet.” The houseguests have to get ready at the starting line by holding down 2 buttons. When the screen says ready, set…when go appears they have to race down to the end of the lane and press one of the finish buttons. The last houseguest to finish will be eliminated. They can only hit a finish button once. There will be decoy words on the monitors. If they release the buttons before they see the word go, it will be considered a false start and the houseguest will be eliminated. After the race is finished, the remaining houseguests will return to the starting line and the race will begin again. Last houseguest left standing will win the POV.

Paulie wins POV and his ego grows like pinocchio’s nose when he lied. The backdoor plan is in place. All Paulie has to do is read the douchebag’s guide to Big Brother and ride the rest of the week out.

Good news! Zakiyah and Paulie kissed and made up.

Paul and Bridgette check in. Paul says the backdoor plan is in place but he coaches her to “act sad.” Paul even says “hate me.” Bridgette seems content she’s no longer the target. Bridgette doesn’t really trust Paul but she doesn’t have a choice.

Da’vonne comes into the storage room and once again asks about Plan B. Da’vonne still has no idea she’s plan B. She continues to throw Nicole under the BB bus. Bridgette gives Da’vonne the big DR screw you!

Paulie continues playing Zakiyah’s emotions to keep her in line with his master plans. His main one right now is evicting Zakiyah’s friend. Zakiyah doesn’t believe the house wants Da’vonne to go yet. She still thinks the house wants Bridgette gone first. They do a little game pillow talking about targets and winning etc.

The more Paul walks around with that HOH robe the more his douchenozzle crown is coming back. Moving on.

Paulie’s apparently more loyal to Paul because he rats out Zakiyah. Zakiyah says she wants Paul to go soon because everyone likes him. Victor finds it hilarious. Paul asks his new bestie to put it in context for him. This is raising some big red flags. He’s tempted to put Zakiyah up instead of Da’vonne.

Paul wants to send Zakiyah home because she’s been throwing his name out there left and right but he promised his butt buddy to put up Da’vonne. Paul wants to throw hints out there for Da’vonne just in case she has a roundtrip ticket and returns to the house. Paul lets her know there’s a huge possibility she’ll go on the block. Da’vonne says she’s a big target and she doesn’t like that plan at all. Da’vonne thinks it sucks.

The POV meeting takes place. Of course master douchehead Paulie pulls himself off the block. Da’vonne is the replacement nominee. Paul’s work is done. He’s now leaving it up to the house. Do they want Da’vonne gone or Bridgette? Bridgette’s still salty about Frank’s eviction. Da’vonne doesn’t want sympathy. She wants Bridgette evicted.

Who will be evicted? Bridgette or Da’vonne. Will they have a roundtrip ticket back into the game? Find out Thursday night live!

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