VIDEO: Luann de Lesseps’ Fiancé Tom Hits On Ramona Singer At His Engagement Party #RHONY

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Luann de Lessep’s Fiancé Blasts Ramona For Accusing Him Of Lying About Their Sexual Fling

Tom-fever continues tonight, as The Real Housewives of New York ladies celebrate Luann de Lesseps’ engagement, in Florida.

In a preview clip, the gals are seen getting loose, dancing, drinking, and having fun. Things take an odd turn when Carole and Ramona rehash a comment made by the man of the hour, who was sniffing up some old memories, with Ramona.

“That was the cutest thing I have ever heard any man tell a woman,” Carole says. “Did he just say she smells like a grapefruit — or did I have too many mimosas?”

“Yeah, he likes my fragrance, it’s citrus,” Ramona replies.

Tom and Ramona have a really easy, natural rapport. But I don’t think Tom should be telling Ramona that she smells like grapefruits. If he wants to tell anyone that she smells like a grapefruit, it should be Luann,” Carole opines.

Luann and Sonja continue to navigate their friendship though their common love interest, as the clip fades.

“Just say ‘thank you’ and give me a hug when I wish you well,” Sonja says, clearly over Luann’s love-giggles. “Don’t flash me with your ring and blind me. I’m already kind of stunned.”

Catch the drama tonight, as the RHONY continues. 


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