Low Blow! Shannon Beador Alludes To Kelly Dodd Having A Drinking Problem #RHOC

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All About the Tea_RHOC-Shannon Beador Alludes To Kelly Dodd Having A Drinking Problem

I hope that the rest of the season of the Real Housewives of Orange County is not going to center around whether or not Shannon Beador had evil intent toward Kelly Dodd at her 70s party. That would be far too tedious for all of us. But just to set the record straight, Shannon maintains she did not set Kelly up.

“It is unbelievable that Kelly thinks that I would orchestrate an ambush at a party I was hosting.”

Shannon maintains her innocence in the whole thing.

“Bottom line, I didn’t know Jaci and Kelly knew each other. I’m not going to keep addressing it because I know the truth. And if Kelly didn’t want her husband to “feel uncomfortable” with talk about a trip she took with another man, she shouldn’t have brought it up… Kelly doesn’t know me. She has met me just a few times. And now she knows for certain that I “set her up”???”

Shannon admits her own behavior was out of line.

“…David and I are both not happy with how our emotions escalated at the party. It is not in our character to react they way we both did.”

But according to ShannonKelly’s behavior was worse.

Kelly insulted many of my guests. Such horrendous judgment. Kelly‘s mouth is mind boggling. She is so cruel.”

And when it comes to David and Vicki, Shannon may not approve of his words, but she stands by his actions.

David was absolutely provoked by Vicki. You can see how she walks around the table to come inches from his face. It is insane to hear Vicki say she didn’t have a problem with my husband. Vicki absolutely had a “beef” with David before the ’70s party. She has had a “beef” with the both of us for the last year and a half. David is not proud of the words he used when arguing with Vicki…”

And then came the meet up with Kelly. I have a feeling both women thought they were going to receive an apology. Turns out, not so much.

“I wasn’t happy to meet up with Kelly and you can absolutely tell that from my demeanor. I didn’t expect for her to grill me about my friendship with Jaci, and she just BAM started in with it. I wasn’t there to be cross examined.”

Shannon clarifies her relationship with Jaci.

Heather and I live in the same community with Jaci and while I see her around the neighborhood often, Jaci recently helped us both with an HOA issue. I don’t count how many times I see or talk to Jaci… I’m not looking for any dark secrets or any stories about Kelly. I have only met her four times and would never do such a thing. I did not set Kelly up and the idea is preposterous.”

Oh, and by the way, in case you were still on Team Kelly, Shannon would like to point out:

“And just an observation—at the end of our brief meeting, take note that the wine bottle Kelly was served was completely empty.”

Well, okay then. Kelly clearly likes her alcohol, but that can be said for most of the Housewives, no? So whose side are you on? Anyone’s?


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