Flipping Bitch! Exclusive Details On Jenni Pulos’ Nasty Treatment Of ‘RHOC’ Rookie Kelly Dodd

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Kelly Dodd pulled off a solid first-time appearance on Watch What Happens Live Monday, but the debut was evidently a tough one. The Real Housewives of Orange County rookie appeared with Flipping Out’s Jenni Pulos — a sneaky matchup because Jenni is a good friend of Shannon Beador’s. Kelly and Shannon are entrenched in a feud, fueled by an alleged effort by Shannon to expose skeletons from Dodd’s past.

Dodd was invited to Watch What Happens Live to share her side of the drama, and Jenni was given unusual freedom to shade the Bravo newbie. Jenni claimed that the subject of  cheating hubbies made her edgy, but viewers know that Jenni is close to Shannon — and was likely on a mission to defend her friend.

An on-set source witnessed off-camera behavior from Pulos, that may surprise fans of the Jeff Lewis sidekick.

“Jenni was horrible to Kelly before the show began. Jenni was rude and mean, and probably made Kelly feel terrible,” a source tells AllAboutTheTea.com.

Kelly seemed to hint at the upset, via Twitter.



Fans backed the rookie — calling out Andy Cohen for allowing a first-time guest to be slammed.

The insider offered another tidbit, sharing that Kelly was visibly upset.

“Kelly was fighting back tears. She probably fell apart as soon as she was alone,” claims the witness.

Kelly came through the show like a champ — but Jenni may want to focus on her child-friendly brand, and let Shannon fight her own bitter shrew battles. 


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